[Reported] Summoned friendly troop ends up on enemy side, gets killed there by enemy anyway


Summoned 3 more troops. They all appeared on the enemy side.
All got killed there by spells or skulls by enemy.

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Not to make fun of this…but I find this strangely cool…

This bug is at least 2 years old, maybe older. I suspect ever since they introduced Reflected Skull Damage traits. If your top troop is killed by reflected damage (either from Reflect buff or trait that reflects skull damage), any troop that gets summoned into their slot will go to the enemy “side” of the board first if possible, but still act in most ways as your own troop. There have been dozens of posts of this bug, and they’ve never fixed it.

Ye, I even posted a bug report about that issue back then, it was mostly just brushed off and ignored by them.
At the time, I was getting that particular bug almost 100% of the time if I used the Mirror Orb to put reflect on my top most troop and the AI attacked it → the enemy troop card would shift to the left on top of the gems, in repeated cases ending up on top of my own troop, making it impossible for me to cast their spell since I couldn’t click through. But I haven’t seen that particular issue happen in a while.

me too, friend. Me too. It comes up EVERY single time there’s a green ToD. But I first saw it in Explore back when the troops you encountered there were based mostly on troops you had in your own roster… Worldbreaker was my first and only mythic, so I encountered him a lot and my egg thief summoned a lot of eggs to the wrong side of the board.

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