Bug or intended? Charm + Reflect

A rather rare combination, but it just happened to me:

Team B has troops, that have the reflect status.
Team A casts a charm spell.
The caster on Team A takes reflect damage from the self-attacks of Team B.

This does not seem like a logical result at first glance. One would expect, that either the reflect isn’t caused at all, disappears without harm or damages the attacker on Team B.
Might be a little tricky to reproduce.

Bramble, could you ask around, if this is intentional?

P.S.: The charmed troop was not the one, who had a reflect status, but the ones it attacked, by the way.

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a test. Seems the second charm not “reflect”

Going by the patch notes it seems to be intentional:

You do something that causes an opponent troop to take damage in any way, half of it gets reflected back. Speaking game mechanics, charm just means “deal special damage to the targeted troop equal to its attack value”, the part about it hitting itself is just flavor.

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Reflect gets removed after reflecting. The first half of your spell hit troop 2, causing troop 1 and troop 3 to take damage and reflect. The last half of your spell hit troop 4, causing troop 3 to take damage again. No reflect because it didn’t have reflect any longer at that point.

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Oh right I didnt see the third troop has no longer reflect status after the first charm, so is ok! :v:

Not the targeted troop, but the troops adjacent to the target. That’s where it gets confusing. The troops that take damage and the one that causes it do not have a direct interaction in game or fluff terms.
I’d say, it’s worth to at least ask.
Still thanks for digging out the patch note, and if it ends up being correct the way it works, I won’t complain. Without an odd Arena pairing, I would not have noticed this in years. :slight_smile:

It’s really the same, you are casting a spell that causes damage to (up to) two troops. The damage just happens to get calculated based on the attack value of the target you pick and applied to the troops adjacent to that target. To keep the description of the spell short it’s called “charm”.

You are probably thinking MtG. GoW is just a “simple” match-3 game, it doesn’t want any complicated interaction chains where multiple things can trigger off each other. You’ve probably noticed that the charmed troop doesn’t apply any status effects to adjacent troops, even when it has a trait that, say, poisons on attack. And it doesn’t receive any status effects that trigger when something gets attacked (e.g. freeze from Bone Dragon). That’s also intentional, it’s not an attack, it’s you casting a somewhat sophisticated spell.


I guess my mistake is to see it as kind of an instant status effect (that wears off after the hit), confusion-like. Though I guess, impervious troops can be charmed as well.
Your explanation clearly has more legs than mine. :slight_smile:

I thought it was interesting and something that i just noticed is that Charm is Magic damage? but is unaffected by spell armor and its also unaffected by skull reduction, so the Charm damage is a special type of damage that cant be reduced.