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Reflect Trait... Still not working right

Start replying to every single bug report and I’ll be happy to start filling out reports again.
Until then… You figure it out.


Reason for my sentiment of not fully reporting issues that are possible bugs or definitely bugs.
Double Feature ←(reported over a month ago)

According to the game. I spent $400+ dollars on Enraged Kurandara today. That’s going by the Power Orbs sale price.

It would be nice to know if my new Invulnerable troop is supposed to have Mana Shield or not.

Different issue but still an issue I am assume since nothing was posted to say otherwise. And it’s still in the same realm since it involves how reflect traits work.
[Investigating] Reflect is Inconsistent in how it treats "incoming damage"

I assume that a case that’s been investigated for 8 months is by now a cold case.

I have no doubt that the issue was followed up on and then forgotten. That can’t/doesn’t happen with tickets.

So perhaps if you want the game to actually work right… Then relying on bug reports on a public forum where they are seemingly hard to track. Isn’t the way to go about it.

When they changed it from a ticket system to the forum, we all knew they would just get swept under the rug.

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The GoW drive thru version of “your food is going to ding us on the amount of time you’re spent waiting in the drive thru lane. If you don’t mind saving our asses from being chewed out due to unrealistic policies. Please pull around and park in front. Someone will bring your food out when it’s actually ready instead of when corporate says it’s supposed to be ready.”

A little wordy but you get the point.

On that topic, can someone Please explain to me why stripping Armor with Megavore is treated like damage if you face Crab Man (ie it submerges itself even if not directly targeted) but the spell is not treated as damage if a troop has barrier? I have to admit a level of confusion over that.