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Double Feature

Platform, device version and operating system:
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, Android 10.0
Screenshot or image:
Team being used (if it matters)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Since I’m unsure if this behavior is intended or not. I’m comfortable with combining two issues into one report.

  • Valravens replacing a troop doesn’t count as a kill -
    Battle Crashers count as a kill when they are triggered. Valravens or Gnomes do not. Which can be a set back when hunting for a certain troop color.
    According to your own guide. All 3 replace a troop during a battle. Yet only the most recent edition count as a death (Battle Crashers.) So I believe that BC are working as intended and the other two just never got recoded to work the same way.

  • Invulnerable Trait isn’t Immune to Mana Burn -
    I assumed Invulnerable is supposed to offer the same protection as Impervious. But with the addition of protecting from Lethal, Transform and Curse. So I was surprised that I was able to Mana Burn a Tower during this week’s event. (It is triggering the Invulnerable Image to appear so unsure if the bug is related to medals, or the World event or what. Others are welcome to test it outside of the event and the use of Medals of defense.)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just noticed it. So unsure if it’s 5.1 related or if it’s been this way for a while. But I do recall during a Glacial Peaks Invasion not being able to Mana Burn towers.
Steps to make it happen again
Self explanatory

Worth noting it doesn’t actually state in the Invulnerable trait that its Immune to Mana Burn. So there’s no bug going on there. I largely think its designed that way so some weeks aren’t terrible when fighting Towers and other Invuln troops (so troops like Queen Mab have a purpose)


And to add to that, the other issue isn’t a bug either.
Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOUty72-v_I (bless Tacet) at times 0:17:24 and 018:14

Glory Gnome defeated - 12 souls
Sharkey defeated - 15 souls

Valravens fall into the same camp as Treasure Gnomes, and have always worked the same way. Nothing new.

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Worth also noting that it doesn’t say “Immune to curse.”

But Ryan it’s cause Curse is a status effect.
Okay… Impervious troops can be cursed but doesn’t say it can either.

To me Invulnerable troops should have Mana Shield.
Idk if currently they can have Mana stolen from them or not since all it says is “Mana Drain”.

Where Mana Shield makes a point of explaining Mana Burn, Mana Drain and Mana steal.

I believe it’s bugged because of the trait flashing on the screen when Mana burned. Nothing else that Queen Mab does, should trigger the alert.

Thanks for correcting my memory about gnomes. Will edit the original report.


Going by the official game guide. The action for both Gnomes and Battle Crashers is exactly the same. So one triggering a death and the other not, doesn’t make any sense.

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Naw, they’re different. The battle crashers are BRUTAL. They slay the team member and take their place.
Treasure Gnomes are gentle, they politely ask them to stand aside (no soul lost).

Sure the outcome is the same in that you battle 4, but mechanics are not. The game is what it is.
Treasure Gnomes have specific loot tables.
Battlecrashers bring ONE specific loot and ONE soul.

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Also… This is a bug report. So opinions, thoughts, or speculations shouldn’t be commented unless you know 100% that something is working as intended or it’s not.

Kafka will be more than happy to change this thread to a feature request if necessary after her initial review.
At which point opinions and thoughts about the proposed behavior can be expressed correctly.

Not sure when, but it was changed and battlecrashers started to kill troop when they show up.
You can tell that, because when battlecrashers enter the field they trigger all “on kill effects” -> like Lust passive, Enrage on some troops etc., That basically when i noticed the change.

If anything, this is an issue since one of previous version (definately NOT 5.0 update or 5.1). Can’t say when it happened, but it had to be before whole COVID19 thing, probably somewhere in Q3/Q42019.

You mean this?

Marked - not a bug, i.e. intended

To clarify. I was describing exactly what the game guide says they do. They both replace troops. :man_shrugging:

Yeep, that one.

Yeah, i know. Probably Guide needs an update. Or Gnome-spawn-mechanics need an update to trigger on death effect also… Either way, something needs an update :wink:

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Oh I see that you’re that guy that ignores when someone states the rules to you.

To encourage your bad behavior I guess…

Your “point” has absolutely nothing to do with the actual bug report.

The thread you cited just confirms that Battle Crashers are working as intended. Which I have no doubt that they are.

My question is why gnomes and valravens aren’t counting as a kill as well.

Hence the bug report. :grinning:

I noticed that, too!

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I’m also pretty sure that at some point Devour would bypass barriers, but that is no more the case since at least the last couple of updates. We can only assume the current status of GoW battle engine is a big mess, and every time they try to fix something, or add some new mechanics, something else will get impacted, or outright broken. I just stopped considering these changes bugs, and made a habit of adjusting to these “new rules” when they silently slip with the updates.


From what I’ve read, that was changed back in 3.0.5:

General Spell Effect Changes

  • Death Mark will now no longer activate on the first turn
  • Barrier now blocks devour

I’ve only been playing for 1.5 years but I don’t recall devour working against barrier in that time. Exception is when the troop’s spell also deals damage, and it deals it before devouring.

It seems you’ve reviewed the bug reports.

Did you miss this report? Or are you “investigating”??

Then maybe something has changed with HKI specifically, who is supposed to deal his damage before devouring the opponent? (It is the only devouring troop I regularly use). At the present moment, he can’t devour barriered troops.

He never was able to.
Damage only gets done if the troop isn’t devoured. Otherwise you could potentially kill a troop that you wanted to devour. Kerberos and the Krakken should work exactly the same way.
Perhaps a separate thread is needed if you feel the operation is bugged.

HKI definitely used to do his damage before trying to devour. It was a heated topic of discussion when he was first released iirc.