(Not a bug) New(?) Battlecrasher Animation Literally Kills Troops

These Bunnicorns are appearing to override the original troops by way of sacrificing them or something. I’m sure this is to do with the new animation in the 4.3 patch.

Yes, if fixed we will all be losing out on a tiny amount of souls, I don’t care. Its not working properly and what its doing is daft.

I personally welcome this change.

Some would remember the complaints when the Leprachaun was the Battlecrasher last time, where he overwrote the existing troops that were the color of the week for snot gems.

This gives you not just 1 additional soul but also the killed troop (if brown) counts towards the total to the event.

Also i thought it gives more of a “Battlecrasher” feel given the Bunnicorn actually kills the troop to take its place than just swapping out.

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Hmm. Valid points. I guess the question is whether or not this is working as intended or not, it still seems pretty weird.

Not to mention random troop taunts when the selected unit dies and gets replaced.

Ah. I wouldn’t know, I turn the sound on for about 10 minutes a year lol.

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I think it’s intentional only because when it comes in it activates ”…when an enemy dies” Traits.
See how the Dire Boars become enraged:

Edit: I’m also getting more Level XP for killing 5 troops.


I dunno, I don’t think the devs planned on battle crasher triggering enemy death trait for you, and ally death trait for enemy. But I don’t think they’ll change it. Unexpected side effect of some other fix.

New defense strategy: (1) use Deathknight Hero, (2) hope it’s replaced by the battlecrasher, and (3) enjoy the wailing/gnashing of teeth as the entire opponent’s team is deathmarked on turn 1.


Ive never seen battlecrashers/gnomes replace a hero tho


Is there a way to disable animations? The new potion feature animation hurts my right eye. I try to look away at the start of a match but forget half the time. I’ve disabled the Holiday skull features after a friend told me i could in Dec. Just hope there’s some way to disable those potions…crosses fingers

Time to use Gargautor

Lust now is usefull in def, a free charm when you start the fight :slight_smile:

Hey sorry for the delayed reply!

This is actually intentional :slight_smile: