Remove the Elfie Selfie?

I recently encountered what I thought to be a pretty awesome Elspeth team. Three of the same troop in front (don’t remember which one, spell with high mana cost in the “wouldn’t want that to go off” category), one Elspeth in the back. Fully traited Elspeth is Empowered, so she was ready to replace one troop with a Knight, creating a whole lot of gems in a dangerous color. I was hoping she would target the first troop, providing me with a buffer for the punishment to come. Imagine my pleasant surprise when she decided to Royal Command herself away, leaving the rest of her troops in dry water.

Now, I know that “ally” means any of the troops on your side in GoW. And there might possibly be situations where you would really want to make Elspeth shoo herself away, in a very controlled way. Still, wouldn’t it thematically make sense to restrict her spell to “other ally”?. She could still keep summoning a Knight if she is the only one left, to not make her spell entirely useless in that situation.

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i did not play her yet but from the spell description i am assuming you choose the “ally” you want to sacrifice to create their mana color. if you choose elspeth herself she will obey…

does it not work that way?
if so the randomness is only on the defender side where AI normally chooses random when it has to make a choice. but more convenient on the player side

It does work that way, I was questioning whether it should work that way.

I’m having some difficulties envisioning an Elspeth obeying anybody at all. :person_with_pouting_face:


totally true but im glad she does. tbh i dislike her to the point that im glad you can at least kill her and be rid of seeing this spoiled face.

i just hate her for the design that teaches ppl that life has no meaning and can be tossed away for fun. honestly kids are playing here, fighting has some justification theoretically but this is a new depth to tossing life away it just makes me angry.

maybe its just me but please devs @Nimhain have more cosideration in what way you are developing childs heart in this game when you make troops in the future coz this troop basically tells them to abuse, dispose and replace all their allies (friends) as they please. if just one soul becomes to do that in reality as well coz of this game then its a fail design troop already. i know you just do your job and need to make money but im sure there is plenty of ways to design troop the way that doesnt program kids to be horrible ppl in reality in the future.

world slowely becomes worse place just coz ppl dont pay attention to the small details like this one. so yeah i dare to have a courage to speak of such things

@Annaerith, Usually the things you speak are interesting and make sense, but as a mother of two, I don’t see how this happens. Most kids, especially if their parents ground them in reality, realize that a game is a game, and don’t really make the type of connection you are talking about. I agree that the card itself is silly, and even perhaps annoying, but I don’t think that it is promoting anything.

To take this card text so seriously, one would have to look over all the other cards in the same light, and to be honest, you’d have to stop playing. Exploding your world, damaging your enemies…it’s a fantasy card game. We should treat it like one.


I agree it would fit thematically better if Elspeth had to target another ally, not herself.


i understand but there is easy barrier for kids seeing enemies as something not in reality (in reality enemies would be present in case of war and in case of war it is allowed to kill etc)

but messing with allies is different.
we had 2 cases of “sacrifice” before, priest and sacrifice itself they both shown its either some mad cultist doing or its a painful thing to “sacrifice” by the sound of it.
here is different - it tells to kill ally is fun. to me thats breaching the border that should not be breached. and yes i understand parents should be parenting better. but i dont take it as excuse to be programming kids bad just coz “parents will reprogramm them better” whole community should know they have some influence on others one way or the other, why neglect it with excuse that someone else will “fix” it?

Lol, I believe you missed the point. Very few, if any, would ever view this Elspeth’s text as portraying reality.

It’s not about parenting better. It’s not about program-mation. We should be more concerned about our world, our society, social media, what is seen on the news.

In my opinion, life right now is so much scarier than any game I’ve ever played, and this includes the Fallout series!

if you are saying the card actually doesnt teach kids to do the same in reality then i think you are wrong, sadly.
i mean sure they would not kill ppl coz of this but if they keep playing it and anjoying for longer there is a fair chance someone will actually get it to their subconscious and “understand” that “friends” are “disposable” and become one of those ppl who manupulate others even their own friends, you know the tye of person who wears mask of a friend but in reality just using you and will mercilessly toss you aside once you become useless. i see clear straight connection.

…and I think this is an over-reaction. It’s one of the sillier cards in a fairly silly game. I am not concerned my kids will develop mishapen world-views from a card game with coloured gems.


not your kids, the kids of a parent who drinks and beats them or something else like that
and the kids of rich parents who never have time for them

bad personality development not only take from bad parents but also from mass media exactly.

i dont wanna take a part of helping any person doing even a step on that development direction, and if i was a developer i would also not want to, at least now that i said it the devs have a chance to notice it. besides i understand they put resources in this and its released, i wouldnt go that far to ask them to remake this troop. all i did was asking them for consideration in future card development

I have a similar team in defense at the moment … maybe I should actually see how the AI uses it …

i heard AI makes elspeth kill herself? xD
ps. not glacial peak defense to help score frags?

From my very limited number of encounters so far, the AI seems to target Elspeth exclusively. Probably just coincidence.

Well, I’m one of the somewhat older players around, I grew up with fairy tales instead of video games when I was young. As far as I can tell that didn’t make me want to burn witches, run away looking for riches or dismember other people in various creative ways, just to pick some examples from Brothers Grimm. Kids are pretty good at telling right from wrong, or fiction from reality, they won’t feel inclined to go lynch someone just by playing a few rounds of hangman. At least in my experience.