Elspeth the Stone Cold Murderer


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

Princess Elspeth plus a fully-traited Guild Wars troop (i.e. Troglodyte) is causing some super-weird and repeatable bugs. Sometimes she kills the thing and just… doesn’t bother to summon a replacement. That’s cold, Elspeth. Real cold.

But a couple other times she didn’t even kill it - she somehow whacked it down to a few life but left it alive. Not a ghost troop, it worked exactly like it should.

Maybe like 25% of the time I’m seeing this wackiness.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Empowered Elspeth in first slot. Troglodyte below. Sacrifice Troglodyte as quickly as possible. Marvel at Elspeth’s cruelty.

Theory! Sacrificing Troglodyte before its third trait (+5 to all stats) has a chance to load royally screws with the timing. It’s like…

  1. kill Troglodyte
  2. add +5 to stats of the now-empty slot
  3. ???
  4. Stat boosted empty slot somehow counts as a troop
  5. Nowhere to put summoned knight

The empty slot is permanently blocked for the entire fight, too. Can’t summon anything to fill it (I’ve tried).

And sometimes she murders Troglodyte but the stat boost hits it anyway, raising it from zero life to 5 before it can die.

Again, this is totally repeatable and quite easy to do. Not a big deal in Explore, but if it happens in PVP (I use Elspeth and these troops there constantly) that would be incredibly bad.

Please teach Elspeth some compassion :frowning:

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Both screenshots are the immediate aftermath of Elspeth’s mayhem:



This story made me laugh.

Now I want to go and see if I can murder a few trogs.

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Oh dear, this is so in character for Elspeth. I’ll pass it on.


This should no longer be an issue when the Unity port is complete, because you cannot cast spells before pre-battle traits finish firing anymore. Thankfully, pre-battle trait activation speed has also been dramatically improved.