Elspeth bug 15 letters crap

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
PE summoned a random knight on death. And round ended, I won. The problem is I won with 1 card left (summoned card) in the opponent’s deck

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From what I understand, this is a known issue with summoners because the game logic checks to see if all team members are dead before it checks if a card should be summoned on death.

So Princess casts her spell on herself. Princess kills herself. Game sees that everyone on team is dead so it initiates end of game. Spell finishes and summons a troop. Que Win or Loss screen (you can do this to yourself, too. I did it just the other day lol). :slight_smile:


New day same old bug. Got it, sigh

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by now i assume if someone puts single elspeth on defense they just do want to score a loose, so you shouldnt feel bad about it