Elspeth summon / end battle bug?

AI team was Elspeth in her own. She cast her spell, died, summoned a knight: but the battle ended as a win for me, with the intact knight just sat there.

Known bug?

(I’m on patchy mobile signal so haven’t searched)

I haven’t seen anyone else post about this but I did experience it. Saw the new troop knight appear and was ready to do battle and poof! Victory. Very odd.

We’ve receive a copy of bug reports to support about this, so we are aware of the issue and looking into it.

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Must be checking for zero troops. Elspeth dies, game finds zero troops and triggers end-game conditions, then the knight spawns.

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But that doesn’t happen when IK or TDS are the only troop left and they resurrect…

I believe it’s because the game resolves traits during a spell cast, but doesn’t check for dead troops till after the current step of the spell is cast. So when the “spell” (could be a spell or skull damage) hits TDS or IK it resolves traits after it’s reduced to 0 HP, but before it checks for death. This is similar to the bombot life-drain bug, where troops with life drain don’t die to Bombot’s Kaboom! Since the damage and the destroying self are done in the same step everything happens at once, and the life drain procs before the death check is made. However in Elspeth’s case, she destroys the troop, creates the gems as one step, and then summons the knight at the end as the next step.



Notice how there is a full stop after “kill them” in Elspeth’s, where as Bombot’s “destroy myself” is part of the same sentence. Also with Bombot’s “Explode 2 … gems” being a separate step also explains why troops with life drain that die to the Explode damage (from skulls) will still die normally, and won’t get life drain recovery like they would if they died to the damage to all enemies.

@Sirrian @Nimhain

Pretty sure this is further enabling the following exploit: