[Bug] Princess Elspeth suicide

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I was playing Explore, and my opponent was left with a lonely Princess Elspeth standing. She sacrificed herself, popping a brand new knight, but to my surprise the AI lost the battle even though it still had a troop alive.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Have Princess Elspeth as the only troop on one side, and use her ability to sacrifice herself.

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You can see on the screenshot I won, but my opponent still had a troop left.


Can confirm, this happened to me also

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I was just about to create this exact same report - the same has just happened to me.

That was going the entire past week, that’s how you win matches quickly, having the double traitstone.
I found a lot of matches with that defense.

This has been around forever, since before Elspeth even I believe. Death procs before summon.

As @Ariel said, it’s not a bug.

It’s not a bug.

The win condition the computer checks for at every step is “Opponent has zero troops? Y/N”

When Elspeth kills herself, the opponent has zero troops.


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Please don’t fix this. People set a single Elspeth for defence in PvP - and I enjoy farming those teams. Very quick gold, glory, trophy farming!

I can also confirm this bug.

It’s not a bug as @Ariel pointed out.

It’s the sequence that certain status conditions are checked within the code. Death comes before summon.

This is not a bug, this is a feature…:slight_smile:

Featuring fast PvP wins!


I dunno. Feels like a bug to me. If my last troop standing is Elspeth and I want to suicide in hopes of summoning a more effective troop, that shouldn’t end the match as a loss, IMO.