Remove Skull Medals From World Events

Please make the World Event Medal selection spell boosters or the Skull and Spell booster only.

Remove the skull boost selection completely. Your game doesn’t balance well enough with it and your “RNG” system is resulting in y’all looking like frankly dumbasses because of it.

By far the worst world event weeks have been every time “RNG” has selected skull medals and then so happened to select restrictions that don’t allow skull spawning of any kind. But only the most devoted of your fan base is going to know that it’s the AI (“RNG”) making this happen. That it’s not being maliciously done by the designers of the game.

An easy fix for this would be to remove the AI’s ability to make the horrible choice. So you can keep letting your game be auto programmed without it being auto ruined at the same time.

My apologies in advance to those in the fan base who are offended by my insinuation that the devs could appear as dumbasses. But unfortunately, skull medals, such as in this world event week. (During a week with 2 other guild events mind you.)
Would give that impression for those who didn’t know better. :person_shrugging:


I fear the event is not “designed” by some algorithm, but made this bad on purpose.
Spell medals would make the current event super easy. Any gold based team would obliterate the enemies easily on any level.
Same happened on the Adana week, there are those fancy mech troops, with skull dmg reduction. It would had been super easy with spell dmg medals.

So yes, they did it again.
@Saltypatra when this madness will end?


I can’t help but imagine when Salty passes on our feedback that person simply shrugs their shoulders and says “That’s just the way it is.” Our feedback continues to die right there at that moment and never goes any further.


Bless 505 for their very well thought out and fun event!

I think the reason is even more stupid that you think, they chose according to the lore. Skull fits more the pirate theme than magic. That’s it.

If you don’t like skull team, just don’t play the event. It is not mandatory.

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Yes, please!!

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How the f*ck skulls do fit the blackhawk troops when the best of them are gold boosted, the class weapon is gold boosted. There is only 2 skull generators in blackhawk, Captain Skullbeard who is dumb because he explodes the skull he creates before resolution, Lil Johnny Bronze who’s spell is boosted by collected TREASURE MAPS. I tried to use Lil Johnny
with the ring which can also can generate maps, out of 10 battles I got 0 maps so not once was his spell boosted.

I don’t have problem with skull based events if there is a way to generate skulls otherwise it just a struggle.


There is also Scylla for bonestorm.

Am I the only one not upset this event with skulls? I am using a skull team and there’s tons of skulls on the board. :woman_shrugging:

The only complaint I have is that the new weekly troop should match the medals imo. New players who are missing troops may not be able to match the medal, so getting a new troop to help would be awesome. This week’s troop should’ve had a skill like “Convert n gems to skulls, boosted by number of submerged allies.” Or something like that.


Can’t say I’m happy with how WE medals work, but same here, I’ve had plenty of skulls with the bonestorm.

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Im also using scylla and kraken devour. But lets not fool ourselves, their design is : buy more Tiers!.


I went “fuck the skulls” and use two Captain Macaw first submerges the enemy second instantly kills them.


So? What if they are easy? Why can’t we have one guild-wide event that’s a break from the frenetic pace of all the other guild events? That Adana event was fun and had members in our guild at low triple-digit levels excited and chatty, happy they could actively participate in this type of event w/o being obliterated straight out the gate.

Guilds who wish to compete with other guilds on the leader boards can buy several more tiers to reach the stratosphere in this event, but some guilds are happy having 90-100% participation and finishing the event.

Down with skullspam only medals! :skull_and_crossbones:

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Very easy event if you have it.

Bronze lock Sunspear
2 x Megavore (1 is ok - anything works maybe Sea Dog)


We continuously have shit events that aren’t playtested and sap the fun from the game just so the devs don’t have to put in any effort while they develop PQ3. They continue to say “GoW is supported” despite the fact that a poorly written algorithm could design events better than what we get. Week after week if it’s not Grosh and it has skulls we have some of the least enjoyable uphill RNG battles that are terrible to play and they’re just like “lol is fun 4 u stop complaining, we totally tried extra hard making this.”

Not even going to get into the redundancy and lack of fun in GW due to all the people who feel they need validation by seeing their guild’s name at the top of a list who will say “nah dude, it’s the best mode and we love getting a handful of copies of a common card for a week of trash matches because 300 dust is a fantastic reward for a weekly event slot and me guild good at screen sharing for points.” I get it, some people lost the will to play ages ago and hold on for this shite mode because they get to gloat. Wonderful, that’s worth keeping something terrible that makes no reasonable sense for new players, people who don’t have inadequacy issues, or people who have those troops at mythic!..

All the people saying skull medal weeks are fine if you just suffer through them are just ignoring the fact that 1/4 of the events suck now (25%!) for no reason and it’s not a real argument to say “if you use multiple difficult to get mythics on the same team the event is only slightly trash.” I can’t imagine being a new player at this stage and needing to run double Megavores (a troop I crafted in the soulforge due to EXTREMELY slim drop rates) to make the event less painful and no more enjoyable than arena regardless of double mythics and a class. Also, you’re failing to mention the fact that it’s a Megavore with 2 converters on the enemy team. I started turn 3 with one troop because of this poorly tested shitfest…how is this fun?

Edit: but we’re just going to keep getting more and more bullshit like this until it drives more people to quit and the devs will either say “oh, we need to fix this” or “meh, PQ3 is f2p and fun for the whole family” depending on the monetary returns.


I don’t have problem with easy once in a while, but easy events don’t force players to buy gems, so no revenue for the company.

So you had to put a bit more effort in. I would go in a different direction and ban Blade Dancer from world events with spell medals.

I get where you’re coming from but if you banned blade dancer from this event 90% of players who aren’t end game would be screwed. The selection for this event is straight trash. Still better than last week thanks to not having mismatched medals though.


Cannot agree with you more.

I’m happy you enjoy the world events that aren’t this week then. Plenty of world events like that for you to enjoy.

(Btw suggesting the removal of a Troop from a Event can be easily read as “a gameplay complaint” considering the devs designed this event. And yeah, I remember you.)

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Are you just trolling or do you really have absolutely no clue anymore how this game works below account level 1000?