Logic (less than 10)

Devs/designers, please use logic when making plans with the world event moving forward.
Your tier shops are literally built behind the premise of over powering teams with skull or spell damage. But every week more and more. You under cut your own shop with troops on defense that use spell/skull damage reduction. While also restricting away any sort of ability to stun those traits away. Making this current week in particular a powder keg of just “what the Frank are y’all smoking over there?!?”
Invasions and Raids worked because you never did anything stupid like figure out ways to reduce the effectiveness of the damage multipliers for Godslayers and Siegebreakers. World events on the other hand, have been poorly executed from the start. Were probably a bad idea from the start. And seem to be headed in an even poorer direction based on the idea that it’s better to just leave it as a possible grind event (like bounties) rather than have players enjoy the feeling of being OP depending on their Level and Tiers bought (like Invasions).

I hope you all are enjoying your break from work. I wish at least 1 of your designers was spending some of that time doing this event this week so they could back to work a more informed worker. But I know better.


I’m generally one to focus on the positives. But yeesh, this world event is glaringly poor. I’m now convinced that a human doesn’t design them. There has got to be some sort of ACME Event-o-matic involved. Thank Dog for Ice Aegis… but still, wth? Lol.

I’m not a huge fan of these world events even when they play well. I understand why they switched, with everything cycling back around. But, I miss getting new troops and/or weapons, though. It was more fun than, “yay… temporary skull medals or yay… temporary spell medals, etc”.

That said, when the medals make sense with the available troops, I can deal with it.