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Do you even read game feedback?

Seems that any feedback posted here is a time waste. Yet again in the new World Event with medals that increase skull damage there is almost ZERO TROOPS AND WEAPONS THAT GENERATE SKULLS

Are you trying to artificially prolong the time spent in the event battles?

That’s stupid.


Reading feedback does not equal acting on it.

I’m sure they read it. Maybe not all, but a large enough portion to know we would not like this. They just do it anyway. Why? It’s a mystery. I sure would love some insight into the process.

Maybe, like the battles, medals are randomly chosen? :sweat_smile:


The process must look like this:
They are sitting in a meeting room, high AF with a couple of wheels of fortune.
Then they decide that it will be a color and role restricted event, spin the wheel and make it happen.
Fortunately they were too stoned and can’t decide which role the wheel selected so they put both of them on the event.
Btw the only weapon which can help is the Doomed Axe.


A symptom of their ‘Pay to Reduce Grind’ philosophy: buying more medals/potions will solve the unnecessary (albeit deliberate) timesink.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


They don’t care.

Had this in another game I’ve played where devs didn’t give a damn about what players had to say.

At some point, they’ve changed their attitude, and the game is doing great now.

GoW on the other hand is wearing players thin.

On top of this event that’s already annoying me, and it’s just Monday, we’ll also have arena event this weekend which is not worth the effort.

Amazing, right after a week that was packed with events which is exhausting in a whole other way.

Top notch. /s


So basicaly you’ll have free weekend, where you don’t need to bother with any events and can do anything else - ingame or outside of game.

I’ll take it…

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Guess it might have to do something to do with scoring mechanism used by event… Stormheim also had t0 requirement to get all rewards done… and troop restrictions were cutting off all skull generators.

Maybe that’s it?

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If having a fun weekend event keeps you from doing something else, the problem might not be the game. :sweat_smile:

There’s certainly a pattern. Doesn’t mean it’s a fun one. :sweat_smile:

I already wish I had saved my gems, and usually I still do my event battles after we got all rewards - if the battles are enjoyable.

If I want to play slow battles, hoping for skulls to drop, with barely any team synergy… I’ll play arena. :crazy_face: :joy:

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Not my case :wink: but i tend to help my guildmates with guild events rather than grind resources for myself.

Wildfolks make a nice synergy team this week. But it’s a non-skull synergy :wink:

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At least you can save gems lol


To be fair…

Even the bug report about it was ignored. Didn’t even get slapped with a “Not a bug”
Followed up with a…
200 (14)


I am kinda sorry for my guiold but I will stop bothering with these events if they are NOT more thought out.

If we have a SKULL damage bonus give us SKULL making troops already this got old all the previous times already.


Coming next event: Medals for Spell damage bonus and only skull making troops =)

@Tibo if only substances we could use to get high were legal in Australia. Alas, they are not, so we don’t get high while designing events. :frowning:


I have passed the feedback regarding this event on. I saw it mentioned here, and it was also brought up to me on stream. This feedback may or may not affect future events, but it has been read.

Acting on feedback versus reading or passing on feedback are different things.


Might it be that so little thoughts/effort is put into these events, Salty, just because people in general will do the events no matter what the devs comes up with?


I’d argue that there’s also passing on what the feedback that has been passed on has achieved, to allow those that take time and effort to write feedback to decide whether this is even remotely worth it. Even something as simple as “+” or “-” would help to make the feedback section appear less of a graveyard where community interaction goes to die.


Let’s keep this thread civil, please. Towards the team and also towards each other. Incendiary posts have been removed.


How was that incendiary? It was an opinion of ones capabilities, that might be assumed by bringing the facts together. Aren’t we supposed to provide the feedback?

Just keep your opinion about other people capabilities for yourself. That’s what makes discussion civil.

Being rude isn’t a good way of being constructive…