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Do you even read game feedback?

“Not keen on thinking things over” means that the referenced personas cannot think strategically. There is nothing rude in this expression, this is the highlighting of the fact that the previous feedback was left aside without any consideration (though it could help them otherwise).

And I appreciate you keeping your pieces of advice to yourself as well, if playing by civil rules of this forum.

The last time I recall feedback being acted on was the request for a “continue” button in explore. Remember that? It was awesome, you could finish a battle and immediately launch the next by hitting continue, it was universally positively received . That was short lived though wasn’t it? Only lasted a short time before they “revamped” explore to add even more clicks than before the continue button. Was good while it lasted I guess. My point is they knew we wanted and loved having less clicking between battles but then still went ahead with the explore we have now. :man_shrugging:


That’s still acting on feedback, isn’t it?

The only buttons are viable for them is “buy now” and “flash offer”. I wonder how low this game could possibly fall.

i recall we asked for heart of rage not to be consumed when crafting enraged kurandara, did we not?


And trophies. Trophies everywhere.

I campaigned for weeks asking for that. Not gonna forget any time soon

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Oh yeah, I know. I had an amazing wildfolk team. Too bad the medals are for skull damage. :sweat_smile:

I have an idea, totally novel (jk) - devs should test play every event like they would if they had a normal account in a normal guild with limited resources.

If they hate it, if it’s boring, annoying, sluggish… Then they might be able to imagine how annoyed players must be, and that annoyed players won’t spend money on the game (unless they are suckers for punishment)…

Maybe that helps? :sweat_smile: :rofl:


We did, but we also got backlash for that from different players.


You sure about “that”?

I think the backlash was more about the cost of 8 power orbs for Enraged Kurandra.

And how rare Heart of Rage is still in the vault. (even after y’all buffed the drop rate, twice?)

But in regards to any backlash about the recipe no longer costing a Heart of Rage. That doesn’t make any sense… At all. (unless they were confused and didn’t realize they were being refunded the ones they used.)

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Some players felt like we cheapened the item by refunding it after use in crafting.

You made it cheaper* to craft. Yes…

But the recipe wouldn’t dictate the value of the troop by making the troop a lower cost to craft. That value is dictated by the usefulness of the troop.

It’s still 8 Power orbs to craft… So it’s exclusiveness is still second only to Zuul’Goth.

I could be wrong, obviously Salty gets more feedback from a range of sources, but from what I remember I don’t think the backlash was so much just because Heart of Rage was changed to be refunded/not consumed (making it less exclusive), but that some players had specifically spent 100+ Vault Keys before that change going for a second copy, only to have that decision invalidated.

This was probably compounded by being some of the same players who would have spent as many VKs (if not more) searching for their first copy under assurance that Heart of Rage was in there, only to have the drop rates increased as it was felt to be maybe a little too rare (likely as a result of their searching).

Both of these were ‘positive’ changes, but I could definitely understand those players being a little bit annoyed at the implementation and/or lack of making up for how they were affected by it. If that’s the backlash we’re referring to, I think the context is important.

Of course, maybe there were some players who really just wanted it to be more exclusive (or for it to be more difficult to have a full collection by what might then have been ~100 VKs or so) (I’m not sure of the actual drop rates, now or before the change).


Here’s the thing though. Buying extra medals for this event doesn’t really help because the Dracos battle has two enemies that can instakill you. I bought Tier VI – as I normally do, because I actually playtest the event before I set weekly mins, for reasons like this. I am level 1448, and hit my difficulty wall against the level 496 Dracos battle. On Tuesday. I’m used to getting to really high-level battles (700+ at times) in these events and usually feel that I can handle it. I don’t have that feeling here. And it’s not fun.

And here’s the other thing: Buffing your stats by using double sigils or whatever actually makes it easier for P4-NTH4 to kill you. So that option doesn’t really help when, at the core, you’re racing for skulls (which you can’t really generate) vs. his filling red/green. On top of that, you have to worry about Dracos. And Smash-o-bot, whose spell is dealing 323 damage at this level if you don’t manage to skull poke or Rope Dart him first.

Our guild family has told our players (many of whom are level 1,000+) not to press themselves with this event. We’ve had a bunch of shuffling lately due to burnout and were rather worried about the effect of this event.

So this event is so bad that it’s having the opposite effect on spending. Some (many?) people will be spending less gems because it’s just not worth it to pay for the opportunity to get instakilled.