What blows my mind with World Event

I get that they want a variation with the medals, but I think it would just be an instant win really for the medals to always give bonus for both skulls and magic.


I am completely with you on this one. The number of skull teams are already small compared to magic-based teams and with the restrictions it becomes almost impossible to get a half-decent skull team.

Honestly, I simply gave up and ignored the medal and am using my regular Goblin (that is also seen in PvP all the time) team with no event medals and the regular 2 Nysha and 1 Anu. The fights are taking a little longer but no longer than a skull team and are extremely safe.

I honestly thought you were going to quote that post by salty when she said this new world event system would allow them to be more creative with the events.

It would allow them… Doesn’t mean they will actually be more creative. They could be, though… If they wanted to…

They are if you consider arbitrary scoring creative…


As far as Mang is available, there’s scull team enough for any level of an enemy. Nothing about creativity, though. I remember stormheim scull event at the last New Year, that was a thing, cool one :slight_smile:

And i’m 100% on the opposing side. Event medals should do something different than just boosting troops damage during Event.

thinking of: medal of vines (which would have like 20% to entangle random enemy on start of the turn)
medal of shocking (15% chance to stun random enemy on start of the turn)

these medals could work only in Event battles, so they wouldn’t affect any outside of event gameplay, would create a lot more variety in events etc.
and also could put more pressure on people to buy them → without added damage from medals, you would realy have to flex in some of these events when fighting lvl 300+ etc.

making them all do the same, makes it even more repeating and boring experience…


I think the point was ‘if you won’t give us more medal variety, at least make the existing ones less crappy’


I can’t see any more variations is coming than what already is. The reasons for this is that we are over a year in with the world event, and nothing has changed with the medals. But I am glad you are hopeful that we will see something new. :+1:

I’m not hoping for it at all. I’m just saying what i’d see as better.

I see so you are hoping it staying like it is, as you are not hoping for any changes? Why are people so goddamn confusing today… so done.

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There is a difference between wanting a thing to happen, and expecting it to. “Hope” implies the latter, so if I’m reading correctly all I think that’s being said is:

If a change were to happen to event medals (and I have no expectation that it will, nor am I asking it to), then the change shouldn’t be the quick bandaid ‘fix’ of making all the medals the exact same flat-stat-boosters, but rather implementation of unique medals each week like we were (sort of) promised when medals were first introduced


what @Magnusimus said - if DEVs put any extra effort into changing medals, it should be something that WILL make a differance, if not - there’s no point in wasting their time on touching the topic at all…
for me current WE medals vs each WE medals boosting same damage, it’s pure cosmetics… either way it’s boring and just meh…


This week is a Skull base event, yet quite a few of us are using HKI devour strat I believe

I would gladly take a boost to both spell and skull damage every week until such time as they come up with something more interesting.


I’m just running full goblins → toadsqueezer, stringfiddler, gobtruffle, theif+ turnip…

Almost every battle won without enemy taking a move, but some battles take a bit longer…