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Remove mythic found announcements from global chat


I would like to see the “xy found a mythic troop” messages removed from global chat!
First, on mythic Friday these messages flood the chat and make it unusable.
Second, the chat is flooded with messages for people who I never saw in global and who I never talked in global, so I don’t care if they found a mythic troop.
I am talking about these announcements:

Please make it happen before next mythic Friday!
Thank you!


But then how would you get your dose of FOMO (fear of missing out) sprinkled with availability bias (I think that’s the right one, where you only see the examples of success, and don’t see all the chests opened that didn’t result in a Mythic) to encourage you to buy Gems for Chests if you’ve run out of Keys? :cry: Silly Tibo.


They couldn’t make me to buy chests for gems in the last 2 years, they won’t succeed, but this annoys me.
I usually disconnect from global chat for 2 days on mythic Friday.

on the bright side, you’ll know if a new mythic is in the drop table or not.

It used to be worse. Sacred Treasure used to show up in the announcements.

Actually, didnt it used to show everyone ascending troops to mythics in announcements as well?


I got it fixed by permamently turing global off :slight_smile:

(well technically i’m proud of being the only full-time member of channel 774 :smiley: )

You’re correct. And what’s funny is. Global chat (and possibly the game) was actually more popular back then.

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I think it used to show legendary troops being found as well, unless I am imagining that?

Used to be that whenever anyone ascended any troop to mythic, there was an announcement about it. Nothing like xxdoomguy1xx has ascended Peasant to mythic in the middle of chat :slight_smile:
Thankfully, the devs removed that. If you think it’s annoying now, you should have seen it back then.
EDIT: xxdoomguy1xx is just a name I made up. Apologies if there really is a xxdoomguy1xx out there.


But it wasn’t just player1 ascending one troop: on Mondays, when everyone from active guilds got their keys from chests, one line of chat would be interrupted by hundreds of ascensions. Good luck scrolling up to see a reply. It’d be gone before you could get there. So many fart jokes, sexual innuendos, and recruitment messages wasted…who reads chat anyway?


Yes. It was removed because we complained about it. We were supposed to be grateful it only shows found mythics

Time to complain more :slight_smile:
I believe you it was even worse, but that doesn’t mean that now it is good.


Why is it the game constantly kicks me out of chat several times a day, and yet some people who likely aren’t even aware about chat are always connected and thus have mythic found spam? :sob:

Having the game run on more than one device simultaneously causes chat disconnects. Fully closing/dismissing the game on all devices before starting it on another device works for me.

True, but even when I play only on mobile chat keeps disconnecting. I haven’t been able to pinpoint what determines when it disconnects so I haven’t made a bug report yet. Sometimes when I switch apps and switch back to GoW, no more chat. Toggle between data and wifi, sometimes chat disconnects. :man_shrugging:

When GoW is running in background (swtiching apps) it tends to disconnect from global.
Also when there are connection problems (switching between wifi and mobile data) it tens to disconnect.

I’ve got exaclty same observations from my side → making GoW run in background (= not the app you currently have displayed) makes it disconnect from chat after some period of time.
Any connection lost might result same way.

IMO, both are effects of optimization. Server checks player activity and if one isn’t active for some period of time, it disconnect them from chat (to minimize number of clients required to receive chat messages). You also get disconnected from chat in instant, if server notices you’re not connected… (sometimes switching between networks is fast enough that it happens between server activity checks, sometimes not)

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Stay on the topic please.
So I want these announcements removed :slight_smile:

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Sorry @Tibo. Guilty!

Back to the topic: Instead of removing mythic found announcements, I’d prefer chat options common in other games. Select/deselect what types of messages you see. One for system messages, and another for guild recruitment messages. Perhaps even an option to disable chat filter on “naughty” words.

I don’t think the devs would remove the mythic found message outright. As @Jonathan said, that message is there to trigger people’s FOMO. It’s common in a lot of games to see good rewards announced from loot boxes because it makes people more likely to spend money (I am assuming this, not sure if it’s actually proven true or not, but makes sense it would).


That would probably require allowing players to write their own filters to trow away wording like:
looking for members

But i’m 100% for this… one of reason i’ve removed myself from global was spam of those…
Also a simple switch for “system annoucements” could also make thing work (with “mythic found” being classified as one of system annoucements)

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Right now there’s two chats: Global and Guild. There could be more: System, Recruitment, etc.

I’m now picturing some of the creative recruitment messages people would come up with if we could come up with our filters though. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Though, the more I think about it, are there any other system messages besides the mythic found one? If not, no one would ever enable it.

I really doubt anyone looking to recruit wouldn’t continue to spam Global, even if they were simultaneously sharing their messages in the “dedicated” channel.