Orange lines in the chat

For a few days there have been again orange lines occasionally appearing in the chat on channel 300.

Is it the only channel having that problem?


I think orange lines apear only when the legendary found is new for the player. So its working as intended.

It seems that all languages other than english is still showing Legendary Troop finds. I’m not sure why that is, but I’ll let the team know.


Thanks @Nimhain!

I had never noticed them on global, that is why I was wondering.

They may have been disabled on the first few global channels.

Ok Nim already showed up.

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It’s an old feature from before Mythics came in. But it ended up being too spammy with the new guild update, so they removed it. (Or at least I think that’s the reason)

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@Nimhain, actually I saw one Legendary find in global 1 earlier today.

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Or maybe most people play in English on the first global channels?

After Nim’s response, i believe so too!
But havent seen that response as i saw typing my previous comment :wink:

Yes, that is what I thought. :slight_smile: