Poll. Do we really need to see in global chat when somebody gets a Sacred Treasure?

  • Yes
  • No

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It’s a Mythic troop.
Be grateful Ascensions no longer register.


I like to make fun of them in global :rofl:


This mythic is almost better than gargantaur :stuck_out_tongue:

At least he is more useful


Sad but true…


From a player perspective: no. You probably don’t really want it cluttering up your chat.

From a game design perspective: yes. There is a fallacy that relies on our mind’s availability heuristic that tricks gamblers into believing their odds are better than reality. Short story: if you see that other people are hitting the jackpot, your mind is willing to believe the odds of hitting the jackpot are MUCH higher than they are and gamblers will spend more money trying to hit it.

This is why F2P games like to update you when other players hit the jackpot.


No, because treasures should not be considered troops. However if they are troops then treat them equal…so yes(?)