Treasures in LTs


Not too keen on this, I know they are troops but feels wrong.

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Yeah, we pulled a legendary treasure earlier today… Kinda dumb.

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Since the treasures are troops is this watering down our chances of pulling Legendaries and Mythics?

Or do we have separated chances for Treasures and Troops @Saltypatra or @Ozball ?
(This might take a while because of the weekend…)


Very very likely that they are just dropping because they weren’t careful with their drop tables (again). Meaning, yes, they would reduce your chances at getting actual legendary/mythics… by about 1.3% and 3.3% respectively, because the loot tables are already hopelessly diluted. At this point, I’d consider it a universal windfall to get a legendary treasure from a legendary task instead of a legendary troop… on any given account, I’ve never once gotten a new legendary troop from a legendary task and they are rarely even something that would help with ascension. Mythics, on the other hand, have at least a chance to be new for a decent margin of players obtaining legendary task rewards players such that it would probably be disappointing to get a mythic treasure.

My guess is this will be fixed by Monday.


That’s dirty af.

They stated LTs are getting looked at upcoming. I certainly hope they don’t trend this way.

If some guild gets the mythic treasure over a actually mythic… oh my sweet baby Jesus. Yikes.


Yep, if we got a Sacred Treasure instead of a ‘real’ Mythic I would feel really disheartened :disappointed:


Another reason these “troops” are a stupid design choice. What’s the bet they’ll show up in soulforge too?

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Zero. Because end gamers would spam them & get extremely high quality chests in Delve almost instantly.
But I agree, these should NOT be troops.

They’ve had no problem overloading us with types of currency already, why in blazes are these troops exactly…? Right?

I mean… traitstones, ingots, orbs, chaos shards, it keeps going.

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if you can’t put it in your party to fight a battle, it’s not a troop. In this instance the dev’s dictionary is faulty.

But you can put treasure in your party to fight a battle. I do it for the amusement value when I need to grind Construct wins for a daily task.

Which is not to say I think treasures as troops is a particularly good implementation. I’m not as anti as some folk here are, but I agree it’s inconvenient.

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Thank you for the correction. I did not know that.