Non troops in all chest

Please make a seperate chest that contains only souls, gold or traitstones instead of every chest type containing this garbage. Getting these in chest (especially chest baught with gems) when youre trying to build your troops is just the worst feeling. If anyone else agrees with me please chime in.


Hated the fact we could get resources from chests on day 1 of 1.0.8

If I remember my words it was something like “yeah, nice, gem chests have 4 times the chances of getting a legendary while old magic keys had 3 times the chances? Sure, but glory keys have lower chances to get a legendary since the drops are poluted by traitstones and resources…”

We could by these with treasure hunt scrolls, and a “misc key” guild task could replace the soul guild task.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect this to ever come to be :frowning:

Yea well I’m definitely not investing any more money into this game for this reason alone. This change made the whole gem system basically worthless because no one wants to spend actually money to get garbage you can get in gold chest.

Totally agree, opened up 7 gem chests the other day, got 3 stones. Really annoying!

If enough people are vocal about being unhappy with this change and stop spending money on the game then they will change it. Hurting the pocketbook is about the only way to force change on issues like this now days.

I disagree a little here.
This ‘garbage’ becomes pretty damn decent when ascended to legendary and mythic ranks. One look at Agile/True Shot ‘common’ troops, (especially the Centaur Scout and Glade Warden in this scenario), would show you that they could fry any team once levelled - even without having Kingdom Stat bonuses.
But also, ascending any troop increases the level cap, giving the ability to increase your Kingdom Power through the troop levels.
At the very beginning, this may not be to everyone’s wishes, but once you’ve collected your ‘garbage’ to a point where they cannot be ascended any more, they become an extra soul collection from disenchantment.
Besides, if you want extra gold, souls, glory and gems (not to mention keys), wouldn’t you have a crapload of treasure maps to use? I can’t remember the last time I bothered using a map, but I’m sure the last time I checked I had over 600 just sitting there… God knows how many hundred more I’ve obtained.

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I didn’t say get rid of it. I just said make a seperate chest for that. Especially gem chest. You obviously have played the game more than most people to be in such a position. This new chest system makes ascending troops (or even getting new ones) to the level you’re talking about extremely tedious and frustrating.

Uh… The “garbage” we were talking about here were not common troops, it’s resources (soul/gold/gems) coming from chests. Gem chests in particular.

Read the title again, then get back to me

Getting back to you.

A resource only chest (which is what I’m suggesting) would benefit your exact “poor me I’m all maxed out on troops and levels” situation so I don’t get your disagreement with me.

The player here, is asking for chests that do not contain troops. Non-troop chests :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, because he doesn’t want these to be found in other chests, as he estimates it “pollutes” the troop drop chances !

No, because he doesn’t want troops polluting his resources.

Really now? :sleeping:

Lol… So you now agree the garbage he mentions is the troops he doesn’t want in chests. Apology not needed though :wink:

Acid, it’s all good - I can see your point, but forcing Dev’s to make changes by hurting their hip-pocket is unnecessary when they have ways of giving you most of the things you require through rewards and treasure maps.
Also, it’s a game. It’s meant to be tedious, or it will get quite boring fast.

How about a TUNE option instead of removing? having a slide or some checkboxes on the chest open interface and those could slant the loot chances toward some categories.

As long as I can set it to Legendary Only!

yea i understand, its a game. Its just a suggestion I think most people would like to see.

Maybe a seperate gem chest for troops or high level resources could be a legit fix to this issue.