Mythic troops

I haven’t been able to grab a mythic in 3 months… Why is that… It’s making the game not as enjoyable… I don’t have a lot of mythic the ones I do have I’ve had to save diamonds to forge them… Yet I look at the rest of my guild mates… They are getting lots… The only one I’ve got when new ones are releases was the taurus one… I open heaps of chests I save them up n then open a lot in one go… This is getting annoying…

You need to open at least glory chests, not gold ones

There’s some important missing data/context that ought to be asked of the TC. How many chests are you opening, and of which varieties? It could be that you’re extremely unlucky. It could also be that the combined quantity and quality of chests that you are opening leave you highly unlikely to get a mythic troop.


Just for comaprison matters:
I had to use 300.000 glory once to get a new mythic and there are plenty of players who probably experienced the same or even worse.
In gerell it costs me around 100.000 glory to get a new mythic, but this varies from time to time. A guild mate got 4 mythics out of 2k seals once.
So everything is possible.
Depends on your luck and the bad chest design :wink:

Thanx for your reply… Wow I didn’t realise how hard it really is… they sure know how to frustrate us players then… Cheers

Thanks for your reply… I get guild chests once we hit the 40 k mark… So prob about 2 to 5 hundred of those…maybe more… Depends on how many I have… Then prob the same in glory chests…I save event chests n open when I need troops for that kingdom… like now I’m trying to get megavore or sycorax… So I will open more… So far no luck… Gold chests just open for traits n stuff… Never got a lot of gem or vip chests… I’m probably not opening enough chests then maybe…

Yeah the gold are only good for traits tones… The few that I have got have come from glory chests… Maybe I’m just not opening enough. Thanx

Here’s a good rule of thumb. Sum up points for chests like this:

  • Glory chest: 1 point
  • Gem chest: 10 points
  • VIP chest: 100 points
  • Guild chest (max level, Guardians still in): 5 points
  • Guild chest (max level, Guardians out): 10 points

Pulling a mythic troop takes roughly 10000 points on average.


Oh thanks… Thats awesome… Ty for that info :+1:

Haha! I wish those were the rates.

Are you sure you don’t mean 100,000 points?