Has anyone kept track of Glory Keys used and the Legendary troops that were in them?


I’m just interested to know if my tally coincides close to anyone else’s.
10,000 glory keys used, 53 Legends were in them.


Well I’ll start keeping track and will let you know in 10.000 glory keys later. It might be a while do, I open around 50 of them a day.


Thank you @DonBoba. 53 out of that many chests seems rather low to me, might just be my bad luck.


As far as I am familiar chances on glory keys are around 0.5% which is one legendary every 200 chests. With 53 you are a bit better then average, but it’s still very good confirmation of 0.5% chance.


Ah ok, I thought that it was 1%, thanks for telling me.


I have been extremely lucky then…

The last 400 keys i opened in glory I have received 7 legendaries.


@Dustin1280, yeah, that’s quite a few legends for that many keys. A little less than 2% drop rate.


My tally for over 2300 glory keys is 0.87% for legendary troop and 0.17% for celestial traitstones.


My tally for 11,900 glory keys is 0.59% for legendaries and 0.13% for celestials.


I’m convinced this topic ruined my luck, xD. Haven’t found a legendary since I posted and opened 300 more keys :frowning:


I can confirm the following in the source code:

if ((user.Name == @Dustin1280) && user.postedPositiveResultsToForums())
    user.Luck = user.Luck / 10;



Yesterday I opened 830 and got 14 legendary. Not the ones I wanted though :frowning:


can I borrow your luck :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’m kinda fond of it.


Both of these data points would be pretty typical for GEM keys, which are about 4x as generous with legendary troops.


:anguished: I guess I’ll continue to live without Legendaries for a while then… I rarely get gem keys.


Get in a good guild that has donation requirements. If you can getin one that has a donation requirement of like 15k per person you will have keys and gems flowing in at a good rate.

Honestly It’s so hard to fathom why anyone would want to be in a guild that DOESNT have donation requirements.