10000 glory chests statistics

just finished opening 10000 glory chests.

Here are the numbers and statistics:
5023, ~50%, were rare troops
1557, ~15.5%, were ultra-rare troops
362, ~3.5%, were epic troops
55, ~0.5%, were legendary troops
3, ~0.03%, were mythic troops

1522, ~15%, were major trait stones
421, ~4%, were runic trait stones
69, ~0.5%, were arcane trait stones
24, ~0.25% were celestial trait stones

964, ~9.5%, were other valuables

Others valuables amounted to:
~220K golds
723 gems
17928 souls
9680 glory

If you want more details, let me know, I kept my overall statistics.


Wow… I never realized the legendary drop rate was that low… I always thought legendaries were around the 1.5/2% mark, not .5%. ouch

Even with 50-100 chests a day, Moloch is looking harder and harder to get

Out of those legendaries, none were from the new kingdom: Glacial Peaks.
No Queen Mab, no Borealis… :cry:

So that means that one time I opened 50 glory chests and proceeded to get 2 Gloom Leaf’s and 1 Web Spinner must have been a crazy lucky fluke.

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The most I saw in the chests opening, was 2 legendaries in a 50 chests opening.
I also had openings with no legendaries or epics at all.

That is alot of souls.

And were all jealous… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wish it were runic and arcane trait stones… Alas, its only food…

I must’ve gotten lucky. I opened up 50 for 1,000 glory and got queen mab. It was my only legendary troop from the chests, but I was happy with it.

Wait… You got some of the new mythic troops though? That’s awesome!