Was the legendary rate nerf confirmed?


Sorry, I can’t read everything with the recent flood of discussions. My observation from opening chests, both glory and gem that you need 4-5 times as many to open to get a legendary card. I.e just opened 100 more of gem chests to get zero.

I missed any info on such change in the notes and previews implied simple conversion of values, even hinted a buff on magic keys from 3x to 4x.


i got 5 out of 250 to maybe 300 glory keys,i dont know if i was lucky or you aren’t lol


I think I got 5 from 1000 glory + 250 gem chests. Maybe 6. And that is not small amount statistics-wise.

I was thinking, the drop table now contains all the threadstones, some of those might be considered as “legendary” so diluting the chances.

For the most recent 100, it’s 900 gems, that is ~$70 shop value, is that a way to herd people toward the $50 spec offers?


I got 5 from 550 glory chests.


Foe legendaries, magic keys used to be 3 times the chance of iron keys. Gem keys are billed as 4 times the chance of glory keys.

That means that iron keys had 33% of a chance to find a legendary compared to magic keys, whilst now glory keys only have a 25% chance compared to gem keys.

They’ve either made gem keys luckier than magic keys, or made gold keys unluckier than iron keys. Or a mixture of both. I don’t think there is an official response yet and the odds aren’t covered in the release notes.


Maybe 4x instead of 3x, but you only get 1 chance per key instead of 3. So 2.33 gem chests would = 1 magic key. that is how I would see it.


It has been nerfed (if one considers how most people accumulate gems), although couched, as poltical leaders would, in the statement that we now get traitstones.

1.6% for a legendary per Iron Key (or 0.53% per Iron Card)
4.8% for a legendary per Magic Key (or 1.6% per Magic Card)
450 Gems = 40 Magic Keys (or 120 Magic Cards)
–> you expected to get ~1.9 Legendary Characters from your 450 Gems

They say 4x normal chance for Legendary with Gem Key = 4.8/3 x 4 = 6.4%
So for 40 Gem Keys you should get 2.5 Legendary (so it sounds better huh??)

The Problem:
Since 1.07 most people are ploughing all their gold into Kingdom Levelling & now the purchase of Gold Keys to get extra troop copies to ascend. The amount of Guild Task donations has dropped through the floor --> meaning that the most usual way of gem collection (tasks) is no longer happening at the same rate. In addition Gems from tributes have dropped to 20% of what they were before 1.08.


Hey everyone… just wanted to let you know that we’re paying VERY close attention to economy stuff this weekend and all next week.
We can spreadsheet all we want, but until we see what happens out in the wild, we never truly know how things will perform once hundreds of thousands of people start banging away on the game! As you’re all well aware, the amount of legendaries available to players is a affected by a LOT more things than just the raw percentages at which they’re found in chests, it’s affected by the entire game economy.

Bear with us, as we tweak some numbers over the next few days. It’s certainly our objective to make sure you’re not disadvantaged as to what you receive for playing as we move forward with 1.0.8.


@Sirrian the guild tasks are part of the economics and do need a serious overhaul as well


Exaclty. The guilds are mostly useless at the moment.


As a newer player, it feels like we’re at a far disadvantage from 1.07 to 1.08 in that iron keys, which gave a shot at legendaries, were purchasable with gold, a resource easier to get compared to the others, especially at only 1000 gold per iron key. Now, for a chance of legendaries, we need gem+ chests, and gems are no where near as prevalent when focusing on story and/or pvp. If you’re in a good guild you can get gems at a decent clip, but for the majority of players who are new/low level, not in a top guild, and/or forking over lots of cash gems are few and far between, compared to the ease of collecting gold.

It feels like you’re now mandated to spend money, or get yourself in a top guild, to be anywhere near where you were pre-patch, and that’s a pretty discouraging place to be.


An easy fix would be if trophies would be something we could collect as a resource which could be used to pay for guild tasks. That way you reward the active guilds and you don’t need Gold for guild tasks which has become a valuable asset. After 1.07 gold has become a valuable resource. Besides maps, diamonds and keys there should be new tasks or additional rewards which includes the various new resources.


I like that idea! Collect trophies and turn them in for guild task rewards …

Guild still gets the trophies and it eases the pressure on the now valuable gold resource …



It has to be.

Patch night I burned 900 of my gems on 100 gem keys. 1 legendary (gloom leaf) and like 2 epics.

Depending on bulk discounts, that’s anywhere from $50-70 of gems. If I’d paid for those gems I’d be furious. Right now GoW has an unacceptably low value for gaming-budgeted dollars, and any purchases should be thought of as donations.



We are adjusting the rate of keys so you should see more legendaries from keys. Any nerfs were not done intentionally, and we do adjust rate from time to time to fix these kinds of issues.


I am very new in this game. Can you please explain to me why you think guilds is useless?


There should also be good options for players that doesnt fancy this guild thing. So what I am saying is that it would be nice if there was an equallity over gaining crystal, souls, diamonds, keys etc. for players that doesnt want to do the guild thing, or doesnt have time to be too active in the game. And if anyone wants to start their own guild, should had doubled every reweards for tasks done.


Not to be rude, but the equality for not participating in guilds is spending money.

There is no reason not to participate in a guild, you literally give them gold a few times a week, and get enormous benefit from it. Not the least of which is greatly increased masteries.


Not all have time for it, and play just 1-2 times a week.


What time? This is what I’m saying. There is no “time” needed beyond pressing a button once per twice a week, collecting your bonus gold, and having better masteries which makes you play faster…