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Legendary Drops From Glory Keys

Im not the ideal player to state an issue with the drop rate so I would like to hear feedback from other console players.

I have been saving most of my resources for months now but I have increased my Glory Key use recently - out of boredom but also to test the legendary drops. All in all I would estimate that I have unlocked 1 legendary from 1000 keys over over this period.

What are your experiences? Be interesting to get a comparison to PC.

I’ve gotten two Crimson Bats, the Silent One and a Bone Dragon from Glory keys. Couldn’t tell you how many chests I’ve open but I’m level 200.

So one every 50 levels.

Honestly I don’t pay too much attention to it. But it seems like I get a legendary at least every 300-400 keys. Sometimes more. Sometimes a LOT more. Sometimes less. It really depends.

Glory keys aren’t going to be a good supply of legendaries anymore with the guild changes unless you are blessed by RNG.

Before I’d get 1,000 keys, so that’s about 3-5 legendaries a week. Now I don’t think my guild gets many glory keys at all. We don’t make enough gold to go into glory keys very far. I’ll be generous and say we get 150 keys (but I think it’s less) in a week. So that was a huge drop off. I feel like glory keys have a very bloated worth in our new system and that we should be getting more of them, but that’s a discussion for a different post.


I believed the average on PC to be aporox 1 in 100? They are dissappointing numbers.

Sounds like you have no viable source for legendaries… let alone mythics.

I play on mobile and I definitely don’t get 1 in 100 on average. Sometimes, yes, but not even most of the time.

But my guild gets a good amount of gems, event keys, and gem keys. Plus a lot of gold keys. I was expecting this update to be a lot worse than it was. The only part that REALLY sucks is glory keys.

We were able to make around 1,000 of gems and glory keys. Now we are able to earn around 1,000 gem value (including keys) but only a tiny fraction of glory keys. I think the amount of glory keys should be raised a smidge. Runics are going to be rough to get… And troops take up so many of them!

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Eh, I’ve heard 1-in-200 for legendaries from glory keys. Pre-2.1, I was getting about 2500-3k glory keys per week from my guild. Six weeks of that plus occasional gem/event key purchases got me to the point of having all legendaries except for the three imps that haven’t been in chests since before (or just after… Looking at you, Winter Imp showing up at the start of Summer.) I started playing.

Edit: I’m now at the point where I don’t see much of anything to chase with the glory keys except new mythics, so I’m saving all my non-event keys for those. I get enough event keys that I expect to rarely need to spend gems to chase new Event-Chest-Exclusive legendaries, as well. I’m only chasing mythics because I’m a collector, I find the vast majority of them to be quite underwhelming. Draakulis is a debatably tankier version of Crimson Bat, because it usually gains more health on cast while doing less damage.

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What do you mean by “viable?” Glory keys have the same drop distribution for Console and PC, IIRC, as do the Gem and Event keys.

If you mean to say that the guild changes decreased their accumulation rate from “unlimited” to “limited,” then yes, you’re right. It will be harder for those of us at the top to get Legendaries and Mythics going forward, without spending real money.

I don’t know if consoles and PC do actually have the same droprate. My own experience says otherwise so I would like to hear from others.

I was speaking to Mekkalyn when I said “viable”. Based on her experience of legendary drops, and her expected weekly glory keys now, then she is knackered unfortunately.

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Luckily for me I have a full collection of legendaries. As long as I’m able to keep up every time a legendary is released, I’ll be fine personally. Probably will be forced to spend money on gems, even though I detest that. Absolutely hate spending money on gambling… (Much prefer bundles with things that don’t disappear in two seconds and have the potential of disappointment )

I just feel bad for the new players. New players that have to go against old players who had a significant advantage just because they started playing at a better time. But we will see how everything goes. I’m only speculating. It’ll be interesting to see how everything works out


@agentronin316 1 in 200? I wish!

Now that the upper tier of players is no longer receiving hyperinflated rewards, it’s possible that the devs will adjust drop rates accordingly. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

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That is especially interesting when you consider these changes were introduced to ultimately level the playing field

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1-100 to 1-200 glory keys is the norm for me on pc. That has not been my experience on console, ever.

It does level the playing field in a sense. Because now the very high end aren’t making thousands of gems/glory keys, and the super low end aren’t making table scraps. They reigned those two extremes in significantly. I am part of a guild that is rank 70ish and so we were part of the upper class, but not making absurd amounts that the top 25 or so was. We still got reigned in a bit as well.

But it will take a long time for those top players to fully drain their shares down to a reasonable level just because those players at the top were hoarding and now are most likely spending bare minimum.

I bet devs will look at the economy again once the top has drained their resources (and there are new players) and go from there. Basically we are testing out a whole new economy. I have faith that if it isn’t enjoyable the devs will make tweaks because it does seem like they care about their game and their community (which says a lot since most mobile devs teams do not)

In a year or so I bet we will have seen some form of changes to the economy. Just wait and see.

We need more opinions of people just starting off to see what their experience is. Since we are all tainted by the old system

I would imagine leaving the drops as low as they are now would eventually become unhealthy.

Yes, it is much more level going forward but it appears as though new players will have a lot of trouble accumulating their own troops… which I would imagine is more important to them.

Also, a year is a long time. How many of us will still be playing? It is not inconceivable that console support has ended by then. I guess it doesnt matter if people stay once the new system attracts replacements.

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Eh. One thing to keep in mind is that the most loyal players tend to be the biggest spenders. It’s better for them not to bite the hand that feeds, while necessarily bringing in new players to replace those lost to attrition.

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Well they have more reason to spend now than ever, eh?

If the devs confirm there is a difference in drop rates, I’m ready to R-I-O-T.


They just need to find a fair balance that keeps the loyal players playing (and paying) and also attract new players.

It’s a tricky situation. They overshot it before and now I think they have tightened it up too much. But like I said they will most likely keep tweaking it and we’ll see how it goes. Only time will tell with this sort of thing. It’s not as if they can’t change it. If it isn’t working out I bet they will fix it.

Introducing Mythics was a good call for them. I bet that brought them in more money. It’s next to impossible to get them for free (unless you are lucky) due to the decreased resources were getting. I’m not going after any of them, but I bet there are a lot of people swept up in getting mythics and willing to drop hundreds of dollars every time one is released.

Personally I’m saving all my gem keys for new kingdoms.

But yeah I definitely think it’ll be harder for new players.