Lack of Legendaries?


Hi all,

I play this game every day for a few hours each day and my friend at work does the same. Ever since the new patch and all the different types of keys, I’ve yet to get one single legendary, and the same goes for my friend. That’s been a loooong time with a LOT of keys opened.

Is this just an anomaly or are you folks experiencing the same?


What kind of keys? Gold keys don’t give anything above rare cards anymore.

I used around 60 gems keys, didn’t get any legendaries int it.
70 event keys, got 3 legendaries
I’d say somewhere between 500 and 1000 glory keys, got 6 legendaries (i already had them at least once though)


In my guild we don’t experience this. We are getting hundreds of keys daily :slight_smile:


I had the same problem and then 4 days ago I got 4 legendary in 20 keys (10 diamond 10 glory) I made a post on forum with pictures :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, I know gold keys don’t count. I guess we just have to keep opening chests. Sounds like an anomaly. Thanks for the info.


Probably VIP keys can give us certain legendaries. Glory , Gems are not so reliable to obtain Legendaries. New 1.08 ratio seems to be much less than 1.07. For this I miss 1.07 patch and reglet that I should have opened all the possible keys before convert to 1.08.


You do not always get Legendaries in VIP keys. I’m not sure on the percentage, but I’m guessing 20% from my very limited openings.