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Lower Legendary Troop Chance

Hi how r u ?

I just want to ask was there any update or fix to lower Legendary droop chance ???
I noticed that in last days this % chance is rly low.
I opened huge ammount of glory / gem chest and I did not receive any Legendary troop
I understand that this chance is smth like 3% but still how this is possible if u open like 500 glory chest
or 50-100 gem chest and u dont get any of Legendary troop ???

Thank you for your attention & wish u more successful uodates and fixes.

As RNG goes, this is bound to happen sometimes. You can sometimes open 1000 keys without a single legendary, then some other time you can open 12 keys and get 3 legendaries in them.

I don’t think the chances have changed and surely wouldn’t assume that based on such a small sample.

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The chances are much lower than 3%.

Gem Keys = 1-2%
Glory Keys = 1/4th of the above. (About 0.25-0.50%)

These are guesstimates on my part, but there pretty accurate with what I’ve seen and gotten before.

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We have not lowered the drop chance of legendaries at all.