For how long will the mythic be available in the chests?

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The mythic will be unavailable during the first week of the new mythics release, then the chests will contain 2 mythics.

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And the month after when the 3rd mythic is released there will be a week where it is the only mythic Iā€™m chests then after all 3 will be in chests

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By the way has no one called out about the devs decision of 10x chance of mythic in gem chests?

What is wrong with the Devs decision? :slight_smile:


Are you 100% sure that mythics will stay available to pull permanently?

Mythic is supposed to be harder to get than legendary but in gem chests it is easier. Not sure if graphical issue with the chest shop or if it is legit. If so the devs are amazing and there is nothing wrong with it. Also the mythic chest thing was confirmed by the devs.

Both Legendaries and Mythic has differently base pull % but still x10 higher chance to pull each of them in gem chests, I think.

You have 10X chance of getting a Mythic troop from a gem chest compared to your chance of pulling a Mythic from a glory chest. 10 times a really low ratio is still low.


Chance of legendary in Glory = 1 in 200
Chance of mythic in Glory = 1 in 2000 to 1 in 4000

Chance of legendary in Gem is 4x = 4 in 200 = 1 in 50
Chance of mythic in Gem is 10x = 10 in 2000 to 10 in 4000 = 1 in 200 to 1 in 400

Ergo, mythic still more rare than legendary.


Looking at the math that is not bad chances, as long as it is not easier to pull.

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