(Not a bug) TINA-9000 in chests?

Dear Devs!
Please check if new mythic was really in chests between 5:00 and 6:30 cet.
I’ve spent 20k seals, 2k gem keys, 4k glory keys and got no new mythic.

And don’t tell me something of bad luck, better tell me the chance percentage wise of not
getting new mythic with this amount

20k seals = about 66% chance
2k gem keys = about 85% chance
4k glory = about 43% chance

Chance of missing on all three about 2.8% chance

So, say a thousand will open about that many. then about 28 people will be in the bad luck pile. Sorry it was you.


The new mythic is certainly in chests, rng luck is a roll of the dice. The guild I’m in just got a copy from a legendary task so it’s there too :+1:

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I computed about 6% of missing the mythic.

Odds of missing mythic is 1-.999^X
Where X is equivalent in gem keys used.The seals and glory are each equivalent to 400 gem keys, so X is 2800.

I think. Maybe

I wouldn’t be too worried about the difference. Assuming one of you is right, the odds of missing TINA are roughly the same as of getting an Arcane traitstone out of Explore. And we all know that happens all the time—albeit never when you want them to drop.

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36k guild seals / 1500 gem keys / 13k glory keys / over 60k glory / 120 vip chests…nothing.
You are not alone my friend.

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I got one from just opening my weekly rewards chests, guess I was lucky.

Hey, TINA was available in chests from 07:00 GMT on Friday when she was released.

You just got unlucky sorry!

Also those drop rate percentages are incorrect. We don’t publish the drop rates exactly but they don’t accumulate each time you don’t find a Mythic.

This thread explains:

TINA was once a girlfriend of mine. Now, she’s a bot with a power level over nine thousand.
I still prefer a bot, of course. :wink: