Non troops in all chest

Or what about making the quantity of resources you get from gem chests large enough to not feel cheated.


Gem Keys won’t drop anything lower than a Runic traitstone, which we kind of need a ton of. That being said, it definitely hasn’t felt right.

Tedious: marked by monotony or tedium; long and tiresome

Tedious MEANS boring.
You just told me:
It’s a game. It’s meant to be boring, or it will get quite boring fast.

The rest of this thread is also a bit mind blowing, people seem to be crossing their wires on what other people mean, say, or want.

As for me, my concern is that if you make a chest with only resources, then people will start abusing it for the higher chance of gems. I think I would. Besides, I am gagging for some of the runic and arcane runestones, so I would focus solely on these new chests. Especially if they pay out glory or whatever is used to buy them.

Hey Bluebehir,
Wrong definition I was looking for. Tedious as in a long task to be completed.
I would prefer something tedious to play. Games that are basic, easily completed and short… Well to me, that is boring.
The Dev’s (and most role playing consumers) don’t want something that is easily achievable. Where is the incentive in that?

Basic, easy or short? No. But I don’t think tedious was the word you wanted. So let’s agree that we don’t want a game that’s simple, linear, or short, and go play Gems of War instead :smiley:

I could have used a different word I agree :grin: But it was mainly in reply to Acidburn’s post using it