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Mythical troops guaranteed in treasure chests and conversion of minor traitstones into diamonds

Greetings all. I ask you to insert the possibility of having a mythical troop guaranteed in the chests for a predetermined number of openned chests and the conversion of resources such as the minor traitstones into diamonds for the forge. This because yesterday i used more than 1100 keys gems, 3100 keys glory and 112000 glory for a total of more than 10,000 open treasure chests to find the new mythical troop Arachnanean Weaver without even finding it and spent unnecessarily all my resources i had accumulated in months of play. This suggestion is for to prevent an unpleasant circumstance like this happening again at any player. Thanks for attention.

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This would make the game way to easy


Well, this is THE thing with random numbers generation: sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss.
The good thing is that on the long run you will hit more often than you will miss (if you have the resources, of course, and the patience).
After nearly ten months playing the game, I am still missing a Kingdom Legendary (NOT a Primordial Imp) which is statistically near impossible.

Just so you know, your request will most probably be ignored as it would make it easy for everyone to get anything anytime (with time).

Statistically, here follows what your chances were to pull Arachnean Weaver with:

  • 1.100 Gem Keys
  • 3.100 Glory Keys
  • 112.000 Glory (hence 5.600 more Glory Keys)


  • Pulling an Arachnean Weaver out of 1.100 Gem Keys is 65.23% (80% Troop Ratio, 0.12% Mythics)
  • Pulling one out of 3.100 Glory Keys is 35.21% (70% Troop Ratio, 0.02% Mythics)
  • Pulling one from 5.600 more Glory Keys is 54.34% (same as above)

But statistics do not add-up…
You effectively missed on a 89.57% chance to get one.

You were just unlucky, but the pendulum always swings back, eventually.

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RE: the chest thing, that’s a pity timer and I’m pretty sure the devs said they won’t ever implement one. (Or: players made it up and lied about it so much I believe it, like that time Salty said in a stream that a new kingdom with fast food themes was being released on September 14.)

Welcome to gacha games. For them to make money, it has to be possible that spending money gives you nothing. In civilized countries, they have to tell you the odds by law.