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What's it gonna take to get a Mythic troop?

I telling ya’ll I mad as he** and I am very disheartened after using some
10 thousand Glory
35+ Gem keys
650+ Gems
thousand + Guild seals
50+ Glory keys

I had saved them all up in the hopes that we the new guild I joined a couple of weeks ago would reach level 5 or higher chests I might get me a Mythic Troop. NOPE!!!

After all I spent I only got 4 (as I recall) Legendary Troops

I know you all have to make money with this game, Trust I spent some on it too. (I am VIP 5 level for what ever useless thing that does, in this case)

I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy purposely yanks the football away just as he’s trying to kick it…only to land flat on his back in pain, both mental and physical.

Mythic odds by chest type:

VIP key = 1:100
Gem key = 1:1000
Glory key = 1:7143

Eyeballing it a bit, the keys you spent gave you less than a 50% total chance to get the Mythic. That’s worse than a coin flip, so it would have been quite lucky to actually succeed. For the silver lining part, you should at least haven gotten some other troops and resources you still need, so it wasn’t a complete waste.


I know your pain and we see these rage threads all the time, but you spent almost nothing in terms of what it “takes” to get a mythic.

If you look at any given mythic thread, most people average between 1k and 2k gem keys. The maddest people spend nearly 6k and don’t get it. I recently spent about 4,000 glory keys and 1,800 gem keys, myself.

The lesson to learn here: those resources were not “a lot”, and certainly not “enough”. You need to be in a very active guild and participate in all events to have a snowball’s chance at getting mythics out of chests. Don’t expect anything unless you’re spending at least 5,000 glory keys and 1,000 gem keys and you’ll be a lot more happy.


Answering question posed in thread title: a whole lotta luck, bolstered by careful resource management/expenditure.

OP, there is nothing that can be said that would offer in the way of consolation. It is frustrating to spend resources specifically saved for a Mythic drop, only to come up with nil and nary.

My advice would be to just keep at it, and don’t let that empty feeling sit with you too long and discourage you from playing.

Also, maybe, save certain resources like event keys and gems for particular event weeks, thereby allowing you to target a specific Mythic.

Though the odds are unfavorable, pulling a specific Mythic via event chests is not impossible. I have acquired both Infernus (precisely 2,025 gems to open three bundles of fifty event chests) and Jotnar Stormshield (just a handful of event keys opened one by one) during a Broken Spire and Stormheim event week, respectively.

Oh, and almost forgot about a Gard’s Avatar I pulled during the last Whitehelm event week with an eighty-one event key drop.

Just gotta get lucky with that favorable RNG… and, you will, eventually. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, man a lot of the stuff I’m going to say you pretty much already know and the other guys here have already said it better but I feel your pain.

The best suggestion I have for you is don’t concentrate on the mythics when you open chests. Look for the cards you can ascend. You’d be surprised at how some of the cards can actually be more advantageous to use than mythics when they hit legendary or even just epic. Hell, Dragon’s Soul and Divine Ishbaala are just two I can think off the top of my head that should have been mythics but the developers were nice enough to make them ‘only’ legendary.

Since you’re in a guild already what I did when I first started was just accumulate keys for a month and just open them once a month. You might get lucky and finally hit but if not you’ll still get plenty of cards that will only strengthen your army. I get it’s awesome to get a mythic from the chests but if you don’t hit the mythic it’s cool because they gave us the soulforge. Takes a while to accumulate the diamonds but they’re guaranteed and you get to choose the one you want.

Don’t let what just happened discourage you. We all go through it.

Funny note about myself: Werewolf was the first epic card I ever got. Probably my favorite art work on any card (ok so maybe I’m not an art connoisseur but it’s still cool to me). I’ve been playing for about a year now and out of the thousands of glory and gem chests I have opened I have only pulled that card 5 times. I would love to get that card to Mythic but rng bullies and teases me every single time.

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What I spent for new mythic this month:

40k glory
800 gem keys
0 gems
6k plus guild seals
8000 glory keys


I know it hurts when you spend all your resources and get nothing. Fortunately I did get this months mythic, but the resources I used are pretty much par for the course.


I mean also a thing to keep in mind is your mind plays tricks on you.

If you open all of your keys every week, you tend to think of it as a series of failures. Let’s say you’re doing pretty well and open 200 gem keys per week. There’s always a 0.096% chance of gem keys dropping any mythic. So any one week there’s a 17% chance you get a mythic or 83% chance you fail. But at 13 weeks, you’ve opened 2600 gem keys, which is roughly where the 90% probability kicks in.

So it’s not “abnormal” to open 200 keys a lot and fail a lot. It’s “very likely”. The perfect probability world would be one where you always fail 12 times before your success. We can also see, from this, that the “average” mythics per year at this rate of spending is 4. That means realistically you should expect, at 200 keys/week, to see 2-6, with more numbers near 4 than anything else.

So how come there are so many people with 17+ mythics in less than a year? Well, gem keys aren’t the only income, and some people do better than 200/week. Plus there’s Soulforge, which produces mythics at a similar rate. I think it’s safe to say if you play (aggressively) for a year, between 6 and 10 mythics is a pretty good bet.

If you look at that on a week-by-week basis, that means even if you’re really lucky, you expect about 40 weeks of the year (76%) to give you no mythics.

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Spent similarly but around 100k glory & 20k seals and DIDN’T get the mythic. Added another 800 event keys & 675 gems this morn and finally got it. Didnt get last month’s at all with similar spending minus the event keys.

Hoping the next mythic cuts me a break with the karma i’ve built up… :slightly_frowning_face:


I believe what the others said is correct.

I’m free to play (no VIP) and i have the last 5/6 mythics with out issues. I dont use any gem keys or glory keys between mythic weeks. I stock pile them until i have about 3k glory and couple of hundred gem keys ( i dont remember the amount i had last time). All mythic are from glory and gems. I have 40k guild keys that i haven’t had to dive into. So yeah, save your keys , be in a guild that has some legendary task complete to get extra keys and do events that give you keys between weeks and you’ll start getting them easier.


What is it going to take to get a mythic? Pretty simple answer, RNG luck :crossed_fingers:


Or just stockpile your diamonds… And wait for soulforge. That is the answer to get the mythic you need. Guaranteed 100%

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Yup - it’s guaranteed to enter the forge eventually. Patience is the answer there.

Thanks a lot for the answer guys… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know I was venting but it really discouraging to try and not get a Mythic, I was even to the point of clicking to get 10 or 50 for what ever I give in exchange then covering my eyes and just hearing the chest noise as it opens them then when it was all done open my eyes again and look to see what happened.

I think there needs to me a special sound (noise) when a Legendary or Mythic card is opened.

I don’t even want to get into what it takes to get a mythic from the Soulforge, I mean MY GOD all the Diamonds needed and souls…If I recall correctly I saw one of them that required a Million souls …
%&^%&#%#@! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I just don’t think getting a Mythic should be Mythic difficultly in trying to get it. I’m at level 320 and I wonder if that has anything to do with the chances of getting a Mythic.

I know this is a business for the company but they really are trying to milk every cent they can from players.

Everything depends on being lucky I guess.
Today I opened 21 event chest and I recieved a few Moon Rabbits, one Qilin and one Tyan Yi. :eyes:
I agree with you sometimes it’s frustrating when you spend a lot of keys or diamonds or seals and you get nothing new or usefull to you :grimacing: that happened to me too in the past and what happened today was also somewhat surprising and new to me and I’m not new to the game.
And as for your soul problem…. When you’re a few hundred levels further you will have souls to spare…. :slight_smile:

Just so you know i only had 1 mythic when i was level 1000, back when leveling up was slightly slower than it is nowadays due to lack of exp bonuses
This game takes time. You cant rush it unless you spend lots of $$ to open tons of chests

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Nope. My main account was over level 500 before I got my first mythic and over level 1k before I got my second. My second account was level 36 when I got my first mthic and under level 100 for the second.

That isn’t many resources and you would have to be pretty lucky to get a mythic with that.

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i was level 1000 before i got a mythic…may or may not have to do with mythics not existing yet ingame when i hit level 1000 hmm xD

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Well I’m gonna save everything for a good month (or so) and then take a screenshot of it all and record it and see what happens.

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One important thing, DON’T open guild chests at level 5, always wait for level 6. It greatly improves the chance to get a Mythic (from next to impossible to almost next to impossible :slight_smile:). If your guild doesn’t reach chest level 6 you might be able to join one that does for a few minutes, some accept visitors on Recruitment Sunday.


Also if your guild doesn’t reach level 6 you’re not getting as many keys or other rewards as you could and thus you’re losing chances at mythics every week. The game’s cruel like that.