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Please, change the text about Mythic exclusivity from chests

I’ve mentioned it twice already (here and here), but since nothing’s been done, I’ll try it one more time, maybe third time is a charm.

What made me insist on this was a discussion on my guild’ chat when someone was confused because another guild pulled a Death from a Legendary Task when Wulf was the exclusive. Up to that point, the person just confused “tasks” with “chests”, and that was their bad, but someone argued:

Just because A is "exclusive to" X, it doesn't mean I can't get B or C from X.
It just means that X is the only means of obtaining A.

And they’re absolutely right. And this should be addressed in order to not confuse players. No one wants to confuse players, right? And the fix is not hard at all! You just have to change the wording. Maybe something like

"Only Mythic obtainable from glory, gem, guild and VIP chests."

Seconded, the wording can and should be improved

"This will be the only obtainable mythic in glory, gem and vip keys for the next 7 days"
I don’t even know are the exclusive to the guild keys or not. .

edit: exclusive in guild chests as well
as far as i know guild tasks drop (edited from guild chests, i meant task) all the mythics released up till then so no exclusive but included the new one

  • yes please make this change, the wording is confusing

pinning @Sirrian for attention, might be a silly thing but goes on for months and the fix is easy

Oh, then I got confused by including guild chests, sorry! I thought it was included because I think the change date was today as well.