Remove Spam from Chat

Chat is often spammed with messages about people ascending a troop to mythic (most often base common troops) and it makes it very hard to follow a conversation at times.

I don’t know about everyone else, but for me being notified of anything short of a Base Legendary Ascension to Mythic just feels like spam. Could we please either remove them, or get the option to not see them if we don’t want to?

I’m totally fine with seeing messages about people finding Mythics though…


Good idea! I like somewhere in the settings of being able to see:

  • All Ascended Troops to mythic
  • New found base mythics
  • No mythic troops shown

I think it would help some people out. I know I’m already going to apologize to my guildies on Friday morning when I use 13k keys and ascend a large amount of troops to mythic.


If anything add the option of allowing one to filter out mythic ascension, that way those that want to see it can, those that don’t want to can filter it.


I like the idea of showing Mythic drops but not Ascensions.


As the player base grows, they tweak this setting. Back in the day we used to see when anyone found a legendary troop. Eventually that got out of hand and they removed all the legendary spam. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before they remove mythic ascensions as well.

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I think all of this spam should be regulated to guild chat only or have the ability to turn it off. In no situation should this spam be broadcast to the world chat channel.

im also a fan of seeing whern someone gets a natural mythic but all the ascensions i find totally out of place and needless spam. at the very least id change their color to oragne…

any form of removing/differentiating them would be cool to me, be it delete, a custom setting or the color change

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I agree with removing the chat spam. Some feel its needed or they like it. Though if a member does not wish to see it, do not force us to. So having a option to remove it would be greatly wanted. Though, in truth I would prefer that it was just removed in its entirety.

Mythic ascension messages need to go. Chat is unreadable on Mondays, new kingdom days and new mythic days. I like seeing when someone gets a mythic.

@Saltypatra any plans to change the mythic ascension messages in chat?