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[Rank: 8] Royal Fire

Figured it is time for a new topic, as the old one is getting too big.

Also updated the sticky note. We now have our own private board!

The guild was founded in November 2014. Our motto is ‘Serve and Protect! Come help us and we’ll help you in return.’ Be active, contribute, and you’ll get rewards in return.

Currently we have 0 spots open and 2 players on the waiting list. PM me if you are interested in joining us!

This thread will be revisted regularly.

Kind Regards,


A typical rewards week, screenshot from week May 30th - June 5th


+68 to all masteries.

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+69 to all masteries.

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Wow, moving on up, congrats :slightly_smiling:


Thank you :slightly_smiling:

To be honest, i am a bit surprised how much we are gaining compared to other guilds. 10 weeks ago our rank was 40, now 12th. The members are all doing a great job, couldn’t ask for more.

Currently one spot open. If you are interested in joining, sent me a PM :slight_smile:

Spot taken.

Another week passed. No position gained this time (there is quite a gap to bridge), but steadily gaining ground on a top 10 place. Last week we introduced our own private board, a nice place to discuss strategies, new content, etc, internally.

Is it still free? (the one spot)

No it isn’t :wink:

Ok :). Please post if it will be free

+70 to all masteries :slight_smile:

+71 to all masteries.

Another spot opened up. PM me if you are interested in joining us. :slight_smile:

+72 to all masteries.

+73 to all masteries.

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Rank 12, but 3rd among all guilds from the top 50. Top 10 not to far ahead :slight_smile:

One spot still open!

Ur req. is 200 trophies / week?

That’s correct. One of the requirements is around 200 trophies per week on average. The other is most of the kingdoms leveled to 10 (around 20).

200 trophies / week sounds like a steep requirement on paper, but in reality it is pretty easy to reach :slight_smile:

I see.

Are u still lookin for member? The trophies could not be so hard to get :).

And… why u want ppl to have kingdoms lvled to 10? How is it helpfull for the guild?

Yes still looking.

We do want players with maximum kingdoms levels, because:

A) They can contribute gold in guild tasks.
B) They are experienced and are more likely to stay around for a while, just like the guild is around already for a long time ( since Nov '14 )

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