Royal Fire - Guardian levels 158 - 500k Gold - 1-3 legendary tasks - Rank #22 (30/30)

Hi all, i’m luoma, a long-time player and currently leading the guild ‘Royal Fire’.
On average i’m contributing 2m+ gold, 1500 seals and 1.500 trophies weekly to the guild. You can find my name frequently in the top 100 :slight_smile:

Royal Fire established in Nov '14 and i have been part of it since the beginning. We are a former top 10 guild and currently ranked 20. After a slow period, it is time to pick up pace again and try to climb up the rankings.

It is a dream to have a guild where everybody is doing their fair share and where everybody is pushing each other to maximise their efforts. I do not believe in imposing minimum requirements to members, but hoping members are playing with a “guild first” mentality and contribute of their own . After some thinking we have the following ‘guild rules’ to try to raise the bar:

No minimum requirements, but bottom 5 gold-contributors risk a kick. The actually kick is determined by looking at the person’s all time average contribution. If it is considerably lower than the average guild contribution then you will unfortunately be kicked. Contribute 500k gold or more or rank among the top 25 and you are safe.

There is a kick round at the end of every week. If you are interested in joining us, please sent a PM to me. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hello, I play primarily on the weekend and would be interested to join. I can do roughly ~1000+ Seals per week, 250k+ Gold and 200+ Trophies per week. My invite code is RAITO_3.

Hello Raito. I think you meant 200+ trophies :wink:
I have sent you an invite.

Indeed I did, heh. Thanks for the invite. See you ingame.

We have now 28 members. 2 spots available.

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I would be interested in joining. I am 1000+ level (been there from the beginning too :slight_smile:) and just looking to be part of a more active (but not life consuming) guild. I am currently in a guild so would need to leave if you would be interested. I am generally near the top of contributors in my guild (600k or so this week) Let me know if interested.

You still looking for people? I’m looking for a more active guild

Hi, currently guild is full.
We may have spots available again on Mondays.
I can queue you if you want.

We had a pretty good week. Averages increased.
5 tasks completed, guild chest level 5 reached and trophies increased by 3.400
We now have 27 members, so 3 spots available.

I’m interested in joining if you still have spots open, 1500 seals/4-500K gold/2-300 trophies weekly. Invite code: TOJAN

Hi tojan. I have sent you an invitation in game.

Hi there, i want to join your guild… i’m on level 244 right now and i was a member of a guild which is on top 20. so i know how requirements and respect the others is very important… if you have any room for me i will be waiting for your reply… ty…

sorry… my invititation code is EDER 3

ty :wink:

Hi Herakliess. I have sent an invitation to EDER_3 (note underscore ;))

I would like to join if there are still slots available. Thank you.
lvl 340.
Invite code: EXON

Nice to see that policy works.
Already 8 members qualified for next week and all guardians are active.
Still looking though for 1 active player.

Hello there,

I am an active player looking for a guild that wants to do all tasks and I am looking forward to contributing.

I am a level 478 player. I contribute 500k+ gold, 1500 seals, every week.

Invite code is CHALE_1.

Invite sent

Another week passed. Averages increased again.
1 legendary task completed, 32.553 seals collected and trophies increased by 300.
We now have 27 members. 3 spots available for active players.

We now have 27 members.
3 spots available for active players.