2 Friends are in a new guild thanks for quick responses

Thanks for the quick responses, we have decided to join Royal Fire at this point. Thanks for all the offers.

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You guys can join Gems of the Ostfront😎 we are rank 191 and also participate in GW we are a chill guild and are kind of going through a rebuild but its not a major rebuild. We would love to have you both😎

Edit: we are very active btw


You and your friend can also join us, Royal Fire, if you like. Rank 24, GW Bracket 4.

We do have a gold requirement of 500k.

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I can vouch for Gems of the Ostfront, it’s a very friendly and fun guild, plus with no requirements, other then be active and friendly, it’s a great place for new players as well as higher level players who like a nice relaxed guild with fun peops!

I hope you have a great time in your new guild!

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