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Royal Fire[Rank 8] - Spot open

Current Guild Requirements:

Minimum Level: 150
Minimum Requirements: 200 Trophies/200K Gold a week.
All kingdoms to level 10.
We only donate to key/gem/token guild tasks.

Note: Royal Fire is a top ranked guild. So, members are expected to do more than the minimum requirements. Anyone that does not reach minimum requirements by weekly reset will be removed from the guild if they have not contacted a moderator/admin or posted in the Vacations/Illnesses thread in our guild board.



We do currently have two spots open!

One spot is open!

Looking for a new guild .I’m at level 434 all kingdoms level 10 Doing about 250 to 300 trophies a week and over 300k. If you still have a spot LMK Ill post my code

PM has been sent.

Currently no spots open. Will let you know whenever a spot opens up.


One spot open! Let me know if you are interested to join! :slight_smile:

Current Royal Fire Bonuses:
Water Mastery +124
Fire Mastery +124
Magic Mastery +124
Nature Mastery +123
Air Mastery +123
Earth Mastery +123

Champion +100% gold daily bonus

a spot has opened up.


Let me know if you wanna join.


What are your weekly requirements?

Can’t we go one week without petty guild drama? C’mon people, you’re better than this.


(also… deleted the drama-related threads… )