Royal Fire ⚜ Guild Level 1284 (+162 masteries) ⚜ 500k Gold ⚜ Rank #24 (30/30)

The guild was established in November 2014 as a family guild. Our motto is ‘Serve and Protect! Come help us and we’ll help you in return’. Be active, contribute, and you’ll get rewards in return.

Royal Fire has no minimum requirements, but weekly bottom 5 gold contributors risk a kick. The actual kick is determined by looking at the person’s all time average contribution. If it is considerably lower than the average guild contribution then you will unfortunately be kicked. Contribute 500k gold or more or rank among the top 25 members and you are protected.

Members that collect 1500 seals while contributing 500k+ gold are promoted to Wyvern Knights (gain ability to invite other players).

Currently we have 0 spots open and 0 players on the waiting list. Reply in this topic or PM me if you are interested in joining us!

This thread will be revisited regularly.

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I can do 1500 seals and 400+ trophies every week, but my gold for the next 3 weeks I want to invest it in my kingdoms, I have only 10 left to upgrade to level 10 and I can make around 3-4 per week, but after that I am sure that I will met the gold requirement. If you are agree with that please let me know so I can leave the current guild.
Thank you,

PS: invite code : PLA13YER

I can meet the gold and seals goals each week, and I’m currently lvl 250
If you’re still recruiting, my invite is: indiespirit :slight_smile:

Indiespirit sent invite,

Pla13yer not my call so will wait for GM to confirm

I’m level 748 the gold and seals are easy can I have an invite please? my invite code is MAXX1013

Sounds good Max. Invite sent.

Thank you.

Sorry… I meant Maxx :wink:

Hello Pla13yer,

It’s ok if you are still leveling kingdoms, we all have been there at some point. Can you still contribute some gold while leveling them? If yes, we are happy to have you on board.

If you still have openings, I’d be interested

Invite code is SHENZE2

Invite send Shenze :slight_smile:

if you still have one open space, please let me know so I can leave my current guild,

Jup, kept 1 spot open awaiting your reply (also send a PM). Will drop you an invite once you left your current guild :slight_smile:

one spot open

Spot taken and 1 player on the waiting list.

We have 1 spot available for a loyal player who can contribute 500k+ gold weekly and wants to be part of a friendly guild.

Some stats from this week, at time of writing:

  • 17 members contributed 500k gold or more.
  • 17 members collected 1500 seals.
  • 11 members collected at least 300 trophies.
    We completed all (+legendary) tasks and collected 36k guild seals.

New week has started, still one spot available.

Hi, is the spot still available?

Hello LadyFae,

Yes, the spot is stil open.

I’m interested in joining. Invite code is LADY FEY