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Royal Fire ⚜ MAX masteries ⚜ Top Guild since 2014 ⚜ 600k Gold ⚜ 29/30

The guild was established in November 2014 as a family guild. Our motto is ‘Serve and Protect! Come help us and we’ll help you in return’. Be active, contribute, and you’ll get rewards in return.

Minimum requirements
Gold: 600.000 *
Seals: No minimum, but we expect from you to collect them and help to reach our goal (40k).
Guild wars: We expect from you to participate. Daily activity is a pre, but not mandatory.
Trophies: No minimum, but we expect from you to help reach our weekly goal (10k).

  • If you didn’t contribute 600k and you are among the bottom 5 contributors, you risk a kick.

Completing all guild tasks, plus a few legendary tasks every week.
Maintaining a spot in the top 5 Guild War Brackets.
Getting 40.000 seals every week.
Getting 10.000 trophies every week.

Guild Ranks
Dragon King - Royalty, Guild Leader
Dragon Prince - Founding Members (luoma, Doghouse, RoaDiculous, BibMamma)
Drake Lord - 1.000.000 gold, 1500 seals, played all GW matches.
Wyvern Knight - 600.000 gold, 1500 seals, played all GW matches.
Wyrmling - Starting Rank

Reply in this topic or PM me if you are interested in joining us!

This thread will be revisited regularly.

Kind Regards,


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I am looking for a new guild. Level 831. All kingdoms but suncrest maxed. Contributes about 600k a week and all seals. Past guild fell apart and not capable of winning in gw.

Ok, i’ve sent you a PM.
Greetings, Roy

ILOVEWHENYOUCRY inv code lvl 650. 500k easy/1500 seals to/

The door is open for one active player

Bump, come join one of the oldest and friendliest Guilds still around.

:dog: :house:

Still looking !

Bump (10 chars)

Guild is almost level 1300 now (max masteries and all tasks are done), still room for one new member.

bump (10 chars)

Thanks Druss and Doghouse for bumping :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m looking for an active guild, I play daily, average 700k gold, all seals, 300=350 trophies. I am at level 1000+. Your guild looks inviting and I would like to join.

Bump. We have two spots available.

2 spots for loyal and mature players.

That’s right. Still 2 spots available.

Thanks guys, enjoyed being in the guild.

A nice relaxed environment for any potential new members

Bump. 3 spots open (of which one is reserved)

Bump for the night.

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Bump in the morning :wink:

Bump. Still 3 spots to be filled!