**FULL** Match Masters (Top 5 rank) Recruiting

We are a friendly social guild who earn each other 1000’s gems and keys each week.
Our minimum weekly requirement is currently 200 trophies and 300k gold - (although the expectation is to far exceeed the minimum) and you will need to join our facebook group. Preference will be given to at least half kingdoms levelled. If you are enthusiastic about the game and would like to be considered for a spot please post your rank, game name gen weekly achievements and any info you think might be helpful.


Invite please. I’m an active lvl 156.


I’d love to join, but I’ve started a guild with some friends. Would be wrong to bail on them, while they’re still enjoying the game. Especially since I got them playing it to begin with. Getting so many gems and keys would be great, but I’m hoping that my guild will become more productive when more members have maxed kingdoms.
Is the Facebook group for guild mates only? I’d be interested in joining that if possible.

Yes, for MM guildies only - but best wishes and good luck building your guild :grinning:

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Invite code: Megashield ~ Active, Heavy spender XD. Most kingdoms are 10, last few will be 10 soon.

Thanks. No worries.

still recruiting? I regularly go much over your quota’s. 300k/400trophies ez LMK i’ll send invite code and leave my current guild.



hi i serach a new guild i am interersting for the guild.
i am lvl 573 and i have 203 creature and i have 23 kingdom lvl 10
i have active player.
my code invite is Lapin_1.
contact me if you want more informations

LVL 210ish. I can easily hit the contribution marks. Currently I have over 500k saved up Also all of my kingdoms are lvl 10. I’m currently in a guild so pm me to leave and I will shoot over my invite code.

Thanks for the continued interest but we are again full once more. Watch for future posts about openings.

So Mr. Sammy really defected, huh?

Everybody poops dude.

Was that for me?

That was really rude of me, and I suppose I should apologize. I just felt like I wasn’t fitting in any more…

Anyway, I really am sorry, it was crappy to leave before saying I was leaving and I shouldn’t have dove it that way.

I never thought you did not fit in, at least from what I could see. But best of luck Mchiknight on your new adventure!

We need to change some of the info in our post, …
We average 2500 - 3000 keys and gems a week . Wu@Haaaaaaaaa

I’m thinking of moving on from a great but more casual guild. Level 286, all kingdoms leveled, far exceeding the noted contributions. Please PM me if interested!

The latest space is now filled. I will pm interested parties when the next vacancy occurs.

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I would like to put my name on the waiting list, lvl 355 at the moment, all kingdoms leveled and ready to dump golds into guild tasks.

i`d like to join :slight_smile:
active every day in pvp and donations^^


Je cherche a rentrer dans la guilde Match Masters, je suis chez Light army (13), je fait entre 300 et 1000 trophée par semaine! et mets entre 400.000 et 1.000.000 par semaine mon code d’invitation est SOUTHER