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[Rank: 8] Royal Fire

+74 to all masteries.

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I can contribute like 30k+ per week, what is ur guild average? :slight_smile:

I haven’t calculated/collected that info, but it’s a lot more than 30k+ per week.

I personally contributed 1.5m-2m last week, normally it is close to 1m .

+75 to all masteries.

+76 to all masteries .

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Another week passed. Still closing in on a top 10 position. If things go as planned, we should get one position closer by the end of the week.

We’re still recruiting!

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+77 to all masteries.

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We still have spots open (2 at the moment). To fill those spots we have reduced our requirements to join.

It’s now :

  • On average 100 trophies per week
  • On average 200.000 gold per week

If you are interested in joining our guild, PM me :slight_smile:


+78 to all masteries.


I’m Interested. Presently level over 300.

Is your guild “join by invite only”? I’m not a frequent visitor here, so if there’s a spot open, I would like to try to search and join if chance permits.

Hi YoshinoKirin,

Yes our guild is invite only. You’re welcome in our guild, assuming you match our requirements.

What’s your correct invite code? The one showing on your forum profile doesn’t exist.


+79 to all masteries.

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One step left to top-10, now rank 11!

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Well done folks! :relieved:

A couple of new members pushed us back over 5.000 trophies and back into the weekly top 3 guilds. We moved up one place and are only 1 place away from a top 10 rank. Well done!


Well done, Roy, for finding those gems. Both seems to settle in well. :slight_smile:

+80 to all masteries.

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+81 to all masteries.

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+82 to all masteries.

Another week passes by as we added another +5000 trophies in our quest for a top 10 place. Keep up the good work!

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