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Quite a bit of SUGGESTED Features

@Jainus I know you and I don’t always agree on suggested changes to the game, which is fine, as we have agreed to disagree. But don’t you ever get tired of “suggestions” that read more like demands, such as the OP in this thread? To me, “Quite a bit of NEEDED features” doesn’t even sound polite. It sounds more like “Make it the way I want it”, and that is what I object to more than anything else. I keep thinking that we’ve been given a wonderful gift with this game and while there is room for improvement, I do get annoyed when folks sound like they are demanding changes to suit themselves.


I agree 100%.

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Yes it’s a bit annoying, hence my opening to my first response above… But there are worse things in life (and far ruder people have blighted this forum). I felt this one had enough thought to merit debate / explaining why I felt ideas wouldn’t work or please others…

Wow… I make a SUGGESTION in the SUGGESTION Category of the forum and I get called impolite (TITLE ALONE), people make assumptions about me as if I’m the bad guy, and I merely STATE A FACT - Its NOT up to ANY OF US but the Devs (Owners/Designers of the game) whether or not a feature (doesn’t matter who suggests it) is going to be implemented.

Not a place to put someone down (even though I NEVER intended to put anyone down), but COMPLETELY OK to bash the OP. Makes total sense!

The way people read a text is often not the same as the way a text is written, and a random Captain Capslock™ all over the post doesnt help here, cause it makes your posts look kinda passive-aggressive. That’s what I felt, when I read both the title and your post.

EDIT: Same goes for sarcasm btw. Even though I love sarcasm - it doesnt help make you come around like the friendliest dude.

None bashed you, please don’t take offense where none was intended. @riversong was mostly speaking out of frustration. There have been a few bad actors on three forums before who let their entitlement show to an extreme.

Besides that most of the response you got were thoughtful and went point by point through your suggestions in a positive way. Let’s focus on that and not let this interesting post devolve.


@ExVasterist I do not object to you making suggestions for improved game play. I object to your tone and your apparent sense of entitlement. Every one of your points states that something “NEEDS” to be this way or it “should be” that way. That phraseology is not a request, it’s a demand. I have no intention to bash you. I just wish you could be a little more polite.

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I disagree with mostly all of them, for the same reasons @Jainus stated. I should add that I would actually disagree as well with the PvP change to 30 though, because PvP is not something I enjoy at all, and every Monday is just boring PvP grind for me, so increasing it would make me pretty sad. It’s easy and not that long, but I don’t enjoy it and don’t want it extended. Also, as an Arena player first of all, I actually always want more weapons. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would love to see arena enhanced and made more important.

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I would really be behind this, but knowing that they intend to release more common / rare troops is already good for me. More variety makes me happy. :slightly_smiling:


+1 to @Archenassa and @Machiknight re their suggestions regarding the arena. I’m particularly fond of the arena as well.

+1 from me as well. - Enjoy arena mostly

BTW, nice avatar River. ( I miss her too :wink: )

@Digital_Dave. Thank you so much!

@RiverSong seriously I’m not demanding anything (other than less assumptions based on YOUR perspective) in these suggestions. Theres no self entitlement on my end, but on your end… what you assume is not what I intended, as I said, I meant it all as a suggestion to possibly make the game better.

And so what if I’m being sarcastic, if I feel like I’m being attacked, lot better than screaming curse names like a child. And if I’m gonna be impolite to anyone, its gonna be to those that offend me (and yes I can expect the same in return if I’m being offensive without cause).

Also, not random, its called emphasizing the words, would you rather I go full caps lock?

Side thought (on the original intended topic) to @Archenassa :
If you don’t like it, why do you not want it changed? Usually if you don’t enjoy & don’t like something, some change usually helps. More weapons is obvious (hence why I didn’t bother to add it to the list) as at least 90% of players are thinking the same thing, and no doubt the devs are constantly aware of that. But seriously, why suggest to leave PVP as is, even though you don’t enjoy it & don’t like it as it is now?

Because I’m not selfish and a LOT of players enjoy it first and foremost. I’m not going to ask for a change if I think it’s going to upset a lot more players than it would make some others happy. So I’ll keep grinding my hour or so every week for PvP and forget about it the rest of the week, and that’s fine by me.

Alas. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Selfish? Suggesting a change doesn’t make you selfish, demanding a change that MOSTLY benefits you over everyone else would make you selfish, but either way you’re not.
And so far, quite a number of people agree that the PVP system does need to be changed, now I’m not suggesting that the Arena gets changed as well (personally with the random card selection an being stuck with that til you lose/win is the better challenging side of PVP - just my opinion), just the 15 to 1 PVP side, Arena would be better off as is.

But say the Devs were to change the PVP system, increase the ranks from lowest to highest, what would you hope for?

Well, I guess it’s a silver lining that it took as many posts as it did to devolve into bickering.

I like the idea of being able to somehow “convert” traitstone types. I’d prefer an actual conversion, like convert 5 minor to 3 minor . I’d have to think there’s some inherent cost to the conversion, but it could easily be gold or gems if you wanted to keep the quantities equivalent. As a quick example, I have ~20 Minor Nature/Wind stones, but 3 Minor Fire/Earth stones (obviously, because the cards I want to unlock traits on need one and not the other). I’d happily trade 20 of those for 15 (or maybe 10) of the ones I want. Or 20 for 20 + 5,000 gold (or whatever).

  1. A Point To Races - I don’t know, there are many aspects that change the game, and masteries won’t make much of a difference later on. I’d rather have it for cosmetic purposes only.

  2. Kingdom Comparison - You shouldn’t need to change them very often to justify such a change. Home kingdom changes (1) what resources you’ll get double of if you get a tribute; and (2) possible traitstones you’ll get when you get attacked.
    You can check the information you need in this map:

  3. Tribute Countdown by Kingdom - As you probably know by now, this is not how it works. When you collect stuff from your Home Kingdom (which will collect stuff from all kingdoms at once, and can be done with 1-hour delays) )you’ll get a chance of receiving tributes from ALL kingdoms, based on their tribute chance. It’s all random, and waiting more to collect doesn’t affect the results, so collect as often as you can.

  4. Troop Lists By Kingdom has Stars - You should focus on a single “power level” at a time, since it takes time. I agree with some people here that it would clutter up the card info.

  5. PVP Expanded Ranks & Match System - I agree with the lowest level being 30. I totally disagree with matches by rank because you can be level 200, paired up against someone in level 30. That would be totally unfair. The matching system is fine as it is now. As for the top seat you mention, that wouldn’t work. All I’d have to do would be not take revenge and I keep my “top seat”.

  6. Trading Trait stones & Selling Weapons - I strongly disagree with both, partially for reasons already exposed in this thread, but it would also break the purpose that each kingdom provides you different stuff.

  7. Use Souls/Stones to Change a Card’s Traits - No, traits are (supposedly, at least) thought out to keep the game balanced, considering the card as a whole. This would be insane. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, it’s always nice to read opinions, don’t be frustrated with me by disagreeing with most of what you said :wink:

I think it’s selfish in that this is about changing an overall loved feature for my personal satisfaction, disregarding the majority. I don’t need a PvP change, and I’d pretty annoyed if they made it even more mandatory than it is by extending it. I’ll keep doing it for the daily rewards, and be done with it. I’d have been all about making PvP an option to opt out of on the previous system, but the rewards now can’t really be passed upon, so let’s not go crazier with it is all I’m asking for.
I don’t want any change to the Arena. The only thing I’d like to see is the ability to see the cards you’ve already chosen, but that’s really minor. There’s only 3 cards to choose, it’s not exactly hard to remember what I picked. :stuck_out_tongue:

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