Suggestions from a seasoned player

First of all, great job with the development of this game. It has really made some significant improvements since I started playing over a year ago! With that being said, I, like many others, have some suggestions that I hope you will at least notice. (I play on Xbox One and am level 310, so all of these suggestions will be for console players)

  1. Most of all I would like a Gallery Mode. This would be an option in the game to inspect and fully zoom in and out of the entire image of character art, kingdoms, items, etc. The artwork is incredible in this game! It’s eons above many other games. Unfortunately it is difficult to see full size images of the characters, and there is no way to zoom in. This is a must for me!!!

  2. Please change split damage back to affecting each unit individually instead of it hurting all units instantaneously. I do not understand this change, especially since “damage to all enemies” effects do not work this way. It is quite jarring to have all the enemy units take damage then to have the animation get to them seconds later, especially when it kills them. Not a big deal since it is only aesthetic to a degree but it looks strange.

  3. So this has been mentioned many many times in the little I have looked over other suggestions, but at least give us the option to choose between GUI. I stopped playing for almost a year due to the massive GUI change quite some time ago. Many people have mentioned the game looking more cartoon-like, which doesn’t bother me, but I can’t stand overhauls to graphics.
    One of the most fundamental concerns I have with new age games is their color scheme. Games nowadays are much more washed out and difficult to see. Your game is by no means that, it’s quite colorful, but the menu especially started to head that way and I don’t want this game to get washed out, ever!

  4. Can you add the option to disable to PVP rewards animation? I hardly play PVP compared to many other people so I don’t care about my rank, or points, or league, or whatever it is. I just play to get trophies or event points if needed. Keep the battle rewards (xp, glory, gold, etc.) and give the option to not see the points accumulate and the rank change if possible. I consider myself a patient person but it gets annoying after every battle.

  5. I am a seasoned player at this point so this isn’t for me, but I would recommend adding more to the tutorial of this game. On the outside it looks like Bejeweled with units to battle but this game is actually unbelievable complicated. The sheer amount of content in this game is very very intimidating to newer players. I started before you had classes, dungeon, soulforge, class events, bounty, etc. etc. etc. and I was quite intimidated.*
    * I know you have just released an update that added more of a tutorial. I haven’t checked it out being a new player and all, but I have noticed you working hard at making this happen. Keep up the good work!

  6. This has also been mentioned many times, but let us zoom out on the map screen. Also using the D-pad to navigate kingdoms would be nice. I have seen you mention that you don’t want to bring back D-pad navigation. While I don’t understand the reasoning for denying players this option, if you do decide to not let us use the D-pad then at least you gave us the option to increase map sensitivity.

  7. So I was going to mention that I wanted Emperor Khorvash buffed and then I saw that you made him a Human instead of a Knight :(. I am a huge fan of Knights and planned on making him part of a Knight team and can’t do that now. It’s not the end of the world but it upset me.
    I believe Khorvash used to have a stronger trait that Armored, correct? I wanted to ask if he could get that trait (back). Maybe Stoneskin?

Thanks in advance, and keep it up!


So I noticed this was changed! Thanks! Feels right again.

So we are now able to use the D-pad to navigate the kingdom menu but it scrolls the same way the joystick does. What I meant was to jump straight to the next kingdom when using a D-pad directional. Not sure exactly how to describe this. Are there names for these two types of scrolling?

  1. Is it practical to add more hero voices? The current one is a little silly on my black lizard character. A few choices would be preferable. Something a little deeper, another more menacing, etc. etc. And hopefully we will not have to use real money to get them. At least not all of them!
  1. I know you recently added the main character supposedly talking during the kingdom quests but it’s very silly sounding. The character says one or two words and the quest escort does not really respond to the character. I would say put secondary characters on the right when they are part of the quest like in Khaziel and Sin of Miraj.

  2. On that note I loved about half of the quest of Sin of Miraj when I normally am indifferent about the quests. I haven’t done most of them but was a big fan of Sin’s. My suggestion is to add effects to some or all battles of quests to make them more interesting. You already have appropriate teams the revolve around the questline and adding effects I believe would increase the fun even further!
    For example, when you are fighting Wrath in Sin and Luther mentioned he felt angry(although didn’t feel anything for Lust etc. which I think was a missed opportunity) maybe you and/or the enemy team could all start the battle enraged. They do not all have to be negative as shown by the example but it does add a level of detail that I think would shine.

  3. Allow us the option to disable certain weapon and character traits. This has only been a problem for me with the weapon effects that “create a gem” upon usage. They are detrimental more often than they help me and I for one refrain from upgrading to that level until I have the rest of the ingots to go to max.
    This is also been an issue for the Diviner. Her “Transcend” trait is basically useless for her and just causes her to lose health. I would like to be able to disable that while still having access to Sky Ancestry especially considering that is a decent trait. Those are the only two traits I have had an issue with so far so changing those would also solve the problem.

  4. For a while now on this game I have had an issue where the A button (the select button) has been double inputting. When going to use the fourth characters ability it will activate immediately because of this for example. Sometimes it causes an issue but it is mostly a nuisance. It may very well be just me, though I have not had this issue in any other game as far as I have noticed.

  1. Add a trait that disables the unit from being moved around on the team, like with the Giant Toad’s ability or Cedric Sparklesack’s. Make it affect other units, just not that one. For example, if a unit with this trait is in the first slot and he is to move to the back and take 5 damage it would otherwise move the second unit to the back and the first unit would still take 5 damage. I would say make it not move any unit but perhaps that would be too powerful. Either way works for me. And maybe the trait would or would not work if your own unit was to move, such as with Serve and Protect and the Giant harp playing character.
    As for the name of the trait(s): Rock Solid, Steady, Immovable (object), Ingrained/Planted, Stand Your Ground, Anchored, Heavy, Statuesque, etc.

  2. In number 11 I mention to allow us to disable certain traits, or at least change them a bit. This suggestion is similar in that I ask for the ability to disable the use and accumulation of mana on a chosen unit. Essentially Silencing them by choice, until chosen otherwise. This may seem like a silly idea but sometimes you only want the unit for the traits or for skull damage. My skull damage team for example could consist of Stonehammer, Rock Troll, Glacion, and Keeper of Souls. To put this to use I would Silence Stonehammer as to not have my brown mana gains take away from the bottom two.
    Now this may be a balance issue and I understand if it is. Just something to consider.

  3. I am still missing 3 classes I believe so I have not had the chance to look at all of the class weapons yet, keep that in mind when I talk of them. With that being said I have most of them and have to say the colors overlap way too much. There are many of most colors, with only one yellow and one brown, and none of the class weapons have multiple colors. This is not a huge issue as the Mang and Black Manacles are killer weapons anyway but they both use brown, red, and purple, which consist of many of the good class weapons. Again, may be a balance issue so if it is then no problem, I do not mind using the Black Manacles anyway.

  4. :gem_doomskull:Cocoon-a-Matata!:gem_doomskull:
    Please change the quote for the Cocoon to this! Assuming most of the quotes for the cards are references, this works perfectly. I know right now it is a Green Eggs and Ham quote but that doesn’t hold a candle to Lion King! And Prince Ethoras just can’t wait to be king. Also I love that you have custom Emojis!

  1. Giving a Critical Hit bonus. When you match 4 of a kind gems you get 4 mana instead of 3(plus an extra turn). When you match 5 of a kind of gems you get a guaranteed Mana Surge(double the normal mana intake). When you match 4 skulls, it adds 1 damage to the attack that would have been done and gives an extra turn. But when you match 5 skulls it gives a “Critical Hit”, yet all it does is add 2 more damage to what would have been done.

I am suggesting to give some kind of bonus to Critical Hits depending on the character. Not double damage, since that would be way too powerful, but something like, if you get a crit with Alastair, who has a flaming axe, it would burn the enemy.

I know there are already skull damage traits so this may not be a positive change.

  1. I am not sure if the effects from skull damage make sense under certain conditions. A few things:
    One, when skull damage is dodged the effect is still activated. i.e. the character that dodged still becomes burned if the opponent has Aflame. Logically if you dodged you would not take this affect since nothing would have hit you.
    Two, if you have Barrier you are also not affected by traits such as Aflame. Now since the point of Barrier is to negate one set of damage this makes sense. But if a unit is Barrier’d and they have Infernal Armor or Thorns etc. the attacker still takes damage even though none was given. Not sure if this is intentional or not.
    Three, when zero points of damage is done then no effect if given either. So if my attack is reduced to zero then I match skulls I do not burn the opponent with Aflame. Since I hypothetically am touching the enemy I think I should still burn them with zero skull damage being done. Not sure if this is intentional either.

  2. More transfer of resource options. The Soulforge is one of the greatest additions to the game. I would recommend just adding a way to transfer every resource. I for one have over 500 treasure maps that I will never use. Maybe have a Moneylender in there that would trade any resource for less of another, like when you make Runic Traitstones out of Celestial. Maybe 100 maps for a Celestial etc.

  3. The Portrait is a very good addition. This goes along with the Gallery that I wanted from suggestion one. The only addition I want to that is to zoom in so we can see all the detail you guys put into everything.