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Question about baseline requirements for being viable in a guild

I am a late participant in this game (didnt really know it existed until this month when I started playing it on PS4 after the PS+ promo made me aware of it). I am playing on both PS4 and PC (separate accounts obviously) and I currently have both leveled to around the mid 50s at the moment. I keep seeing the weekly announcements of guild activities that look interesting but I also see lots of guild related comments about needing very high level characters for it, so I am sort of wondering what sort of base achievements does a character need to have gotten to in order to not be dead weight in a clan.
Guidance on things like - need all kingdoms unlocked, need them at certain kingdom level, need a certain number of legendary minions/mythic minions.
I mainly just looking for an indication of when I should even consider joining a guild.

I do play both systems daily, usually getting through around 8-10 story missions per day and a couple of treasure map runs at this point, so I meet the “active” requirement, I am just not sure if I am leveled enough to be considered a “player” at this point for guilding.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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Start looking for a guild immediatly! Focus on getting your kingdoms all to level 10, and then getting them to 5 stars. By the time you get that all done, you will still be struggeling a little from lack of cards being upgraded. when you get around 300 or so you may be able to contribute some. Guildwars in the upper brackets can be pretty rough. if you do not have the kingdoms maxed and 5 starred, you will have trouble

Join a guild right now, today if you have not yet. You will get more resources and keys to open chests and get more cards and be able to upgrade them


Different guilds have different requirements. A lot of the ones that advertise here on the forum are more serious/organized (with more extensive requirements for weekly contributions), but there are plenty of guilds that are completely casual/no-requirements as well, that would be happy to have any warm body doing what they can.

There is no cost to joining a guild and significant potential benefit, so it is all about finding a guild that is a good fit for you. That fit will likely change as you progress through the game, so you may need to move from one guild to another periodically. For starters, I’d say check the forum for starter guilds or no-requirement guilds and see if you can find one with space. Failing that, spend a little time using the in-game guild-finder and don’t be afraid to jump in and out of a few guilds until you find one that looks like it has at least a few active players that are completing tasks. Also, you might want to focus your efforts on developing just one of your two accounts (but that is a different issue).


It’s never too early to join a guild! Find one today, even if it’s a random, no good one. If nothing else, you can get started on collecting seals and see what the guild events look like :slight_smile:

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I have a guild (on PC) with a mix of new people and veterans, we have been having almost this very same discussion on our discord site. If you need a guild we would welcome you, and help you out if you want!

And one final thought, one thing most guilds want is activity. The more you play, the more you can do, the better you will look to the higher guilds!

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I was aware of the activity requirement which is why I initially did this post - trying to figure out if my character was at the point to be able to do the required activities - details on what actually goes on in guilds is pretty slim from what I have been able to find so far. I was seeing a lot of the guild recruitment postings saying you needed to be able to contribute items I havent even seen yet. I guess when I get on tonight I will start guild shopping then. Thanks for everyones input.

The “seals” that are required in most guilds are only rewarded once you actually join a guild. You earn them for various measures of activity. For example, you earn seals for winning any battle, bonus seals for winning ranked PVP or Warlord IV explore battles, getting 60 moves in a treasure hunt, logging in daily and various other things. As all members of a guild earn seals in a week, a cumulative guild-wide count increases which makes the guild chests which can be opened in exchange for seals more valuable by offering higher rarity troops. (I think this is the most confusing aspect of guilds - feel free to ask more questions once you’re in a guild and have a chance to poke around a little bit).

Trophies are earned in PVP or Arena and count toward the Guild leaderboard. The only impact is that a small amount of bonus gold is added to every member’s daily log-in gold bonus.

If a guild is asking for “sigils” to be completed, that just means that the Raid and Invade events need to be actively participated in. There is a 3-week cycle of guild events, with Guild Wars, Raid Boss and Invasion rotating through with one event each week.

Gold contributions count toward guild tasks, which primarily give a variety of rewards (different types of keys, glory, souls, gems, diamonds, etc.) which are awarded to all guild members, regardless of who contributed gold to the completion of that task. This tends to be the thing that guilds focus on the most since the rewards are the most tangible and significant.


Thanks, I think that is the clearest explanation I have seen for guilds so far! Now I will jump in.

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You basically need a guild due to how many resources they yield. The requirements vary depending on what the guild does. The requirements can sound a lot worse than they really are, it doesn’t take long for you to find many of the game’s currencies to be super easy to gather.

It’s also important to consider what YOU want out of a guild. So let’s look at how it all tends to break down.

  • Good/smart guilds encourage new players to NOT donate gold until their kingdoms are leveled. Because of this, some of the ‘not casual’ guilds are still accessible to new players because they relax the gold requirement.
  • 10k seals is the point where mythics start appearing in guild chests. In my opinion, this is the minimum you should look for in a guild. It takes 7 active members working pretty not-casual to get there. You probably want a guild with at least 10 active members to make sure they reach this point.

From there, it’s a matter of figuring out what you average per week in terms of gold, seals, and trophies, and finding a guild that’s the right mix of those three.

I used to think a 500k gold requirement was a huge deal, but now I tend to collect 100k gold on a “casual” day. Once you level your kingdoms you’ll be surprised how much gold you really have.

1,500 seals is daunting to a lot of people but I find I get about 500 of them just from grinding PvP up to rank 1. That’s pretty hard at the start: it used to take me until Thursday or Friday. Now I can do it in a couple of hours. Practically everything you do awards seals. Find out how many you average in a week, and don’t pick a guild that wants more.

Trophies are the requirement that scares me most. They require either PvP or Arena wins. I tend to get about 120 of them from just ranking up every week, how many more I get depends on how motivated to PvP I feel. Again, once you get into a casual guild start watching how many of these you get weekly.

For just about any level of participation, there’s a good guild out there. I think right now you should look for a casual guild that either advertises very low requirements or none at all. Once you’re in it and have played for a couple of weeks, decide if it’s a good fit and, if not, look elsewhere.


hehe - you are definitely in a different league from me at this point - I dont think I have even earned 500k gold yet in game. Now that I understand how easy the seals are to get it seems a lot less daunting to me. Thanks!


Huh, yeah, I guess if you aren’t in a guild you can’t see HOW to get seals. I’m going to try to fix that tonight. For now, here’s a screenshot of how many seals you get for various things:


I get about 500 of my seals just from pushing for rank 1 in PvP. You’ll get more than that, because you probably won’t be doing 3-trophy battles as regularly so you’ll need more. Also, you gain levels at a reasonable rate, I’m at level 1100 so new levels come slowly!

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Ok, that really helps, looks like for me should be 200 seals a week without doing anything special, definitely sounds a lot less scary now. I will definitely dive in tonight.

One of the reasons that I mentioned that you might want to consolidate your efforts in a single account, rather than playing two similar accounts on two separate platforms, is that putting the same hours into a single account will get you twice as far (for example, 200 seals each on two accounts versus 400 seals on a single account). In the early going, that might not matter a lot, and it has probably been helpful to have different troops available on your different accounts, but as you get farther, having to duplicate your efforts to satisfy two guilds will limit what you’re able to do somewhat. I do know people that maintain multiple accounts, so it can certainly be done, but there is a cost to doing it. At this point, just something to think about.

Join asap upgrade magie king doms first spend some gold on golden chests and donate and get seals this game can be high maintenance to get more rewards but yeah its up to you how you play it do some treasuremaps too for resources

Understood - crazy as it sounds, I have consolidated down to 2, I briefly had different accounts on iphone/ipad and pc (steam) but I consolidated all of those into the one on PC now. If we could use the same account between pc and ps4 I would but the ps4 one has to be isolated because of Sony it seems so I am stuck with the two. For what it is worth I pretty much just do the ps4 when I wake up and the pc/ios in the evening, so the majority of my play will be on the pc/ps4 side.

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doh - on the pc/ios side - need to remember to sleep so I dont make typos :slight_smile:

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You’ll find once you get your kingdoms more developed (levelled up and start earning ‘power stars’ by levelling and traiting kingdom-specific troops), that your hourly tribute becomes a significant part of your income. Just by collecting more often, you’ll earn a lot more passive income. Being able to collect from wherever you are gives mobile users a huge advantage over console players. I play on PS4 and I’m lucky to get 2-3 tributes in an average day (more on weekends), while mobile players can probably grab 8-12 without too much effort during the day (as long as they have a generous data plan or access to wifi).

Pick a platform as your main, I’d go ps4 because it’s less competitive.

Then, ask in this thread which top ranked guild has a sister guild that’s recruiting active newbies.

Then join. Loot will start rolling in, and your guild will answer your questions.

hmm, I didnt know about the tribute thing, if you dont collect them I thought they just accumulated (I am not playing PVP yet so may it will become important then). I do have my home kingdom at level 10 on both already.