When should one think about joining a guild?

I just started the game so I’m a long way from being useful to anyone in any way, but I’m just wondering at about what point one should think about a guild.

Also, how demanding is being in a guild in this game? Another mobile game I played was very stressful because you had to be there and be active every few hours to do specific things and sometimes it got in the way of your life. I hope that GoW has a bit more of a lenient approach to guilds and guild content, maybe so that it doesn’t matter at which time during the day you do your tasks?

Joining a Guild is always useful, since you get plenty of benefits from it.
Also, you should check for guilds depending on how much you play, etc.
If you are a casual player you shouldnt worry, there are plenty of guilds that look for players like you, and on the way of leveling up you will meet nice people and have some fun.

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@zankioh you should try to join a guild as early as possible, it might be hard to find any
hardcore guild in the beginning as you need most of your gold to leveling up your kingdoms.
But find a guild that suits early game, then jump to a better one when you have more gold available. :slight_smile:


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As early as possible. The trick is to find one that conforms to your playstyle.

The least demanding of requirements long term is generally one that only expects gold donations (possibly with low amounts of seals), as this generally just requires some form of weekly activity to keep up with requirements. There are also some guilds out there that allow newer players to build up their kingdoms before switching to contributions, allowing you to get to a point where you can easily farm their required donation with just a few scattered hours of playtime throughout the week while still giving you the benefit of a lot of extra resources.

The rotating guild events (Invasions, Raids, and Guild Wars) give you a several daily, but you can choose to play them on later days of the same week. These can be quite difficult and time consuming (even into endgame), so you’ll probably want guilds that have this as entirely optional. This usually goes hand in hand with the above “casual” guilds.

Be aware that we about to enter a new update where we will have a new feature, pets, with their appearance in an event linked to a random troop that can be triggered in PvP by anybody in the guild and only lasts one hour. This sounds like exactly the kind of thing that you don’t want to worry about, so it would be best to join a guild that doesn’t care about pets much. Thus far, they look completely non-essential for the rest of the game. This one is tricky, since this is an entirely new activity hook for this game, so I’m unsure which direction a lot of guilds will take and some might even have to restructure. But there should still be plenty of “casual” guilds that don’t try to enforce any stricter requirements because of pets.

Note that you want a “casual” guild: not a mismanaged or dead one. You want one with most of the players contributing something on a weekly basis so you can too and everybody benefits. Use guild chat or the forums to find a guild, not the ingame guild search system. You can go with a “super casual” no-requirements guild that might have a few (or no) other active players and cut yourself out of any requirements, but you’ll get almost nothing for it. The best return on investment low stress environment is something that just requires some amount of weekly contributions.