Looking for advice for a middle of the road guild

Hello! New to the forums but not to the game…

Quick recap: I made a guild for myself because I wasn’t feeling social and don’t want to be held to super-high participation standards. I’m extremely active (daily) and ended up with “Slackers” being a full guild, much to my surprise.

The activity we have put us up over a standing of 300 (peaked around 250) and I just wanted folks to enjoy the benefits that I had provided… but now we have some fairly active members that want more.

At first I didn’t want to require anyone to participate because I don’t want to force anyone to play in a way they aren’t comfortable, but with the number of active players we have, I feel like some sort of participation compromise would be good.

Question is… are there “middle-of-the-road” guilds out there? What are their requirements? What should I be considering for a rather lax guild that doesn’t want to chase people away?

We don’t want hardcore, but we don’t want folks taking advantage anymore.

(hopefully this isn’t TLDR!) Thanks for any advice!


How about setting seals as requirement?
I can tell you 1200 seals is a good place to start.
1500 seals is something thats easy to do in the first 2-3 days, so if someone doesnt do even 1200 they are just there for the free stuff.

Im a leader of 24th ranked guild (soon to be 23rd) and we have been in a similar sitation, tho way way back but i understand the sitation.

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I’ve been playing for about 15 months now and have been in all kinds of guilds - from totally random to the #2 guild on PS4. Due to a busy work schedule, I recently dropped down to a guild that I would describe as casual but active. The weekly requirements are 100k gold (50k if you don’t have all your kingdoms to level 10), 50 trophies and 500 seals. The requirements in my previous (more hardcore guild), were 1,333 seals, 150 trophies and 250k gold.

My current guild gets most, but not all, of the guild tasks done (1 or 2 statues finished per week) and has had more than 20,000 total seals in every week I’ve been there. It’s a pretty good balance for me right now.

1200 seals might as well be 1500, which is pretty much the definition of hardcore. I think the OP is looking for something a little softer, where people who don’t play every day or don’t want to PVP heavily could still fit in.


Well not quite. Its faster getting to 1000 seals in a week then getting 500 more seals afterwards to reach 1500 :slight_smile:
Maybe 1000 is a lesser requirement but it doesnt secure 40k seals. And getting 40k seals is very nice.

Questions you should ask

  1. What are the majority of active players in your guild doing?
  2. Have you brought this up to you guildmates? And what do they think.
  3. What’s important to your Guild mates (Rank on the leaderboard, Resources, or access to a slightly better Guild Chest)? (Requirements can be set according to 3 answers (Trophies, Gold, or Seals)

Casual Guilds usually have low requirements, but then tend to rise naturally after a bit from players levels and their access to resources. This is normal.

You could even start with low minimums that rise after a month, or rise after each Kingdom, or Keep them steady.

For a specific example if Q3 you get a big response of ‘Resources’ then for now ignore Seals and Trophies altogether, and set a low 10k-25k Gold per week to start. Tell people it will be re examined in a month or x.


My advice would be to take a look at the averages that your active members are already doing. Then, you could use those numbers as a starting point. You could even do a poll to get input from the active members about those numbers.

The hard part will come when you have to enforce those requirements. I can tell you that the quickest way to lose your good members is to not enforce the stated requirements. So, you really need to find a good balance for your guild type.


Try not to have reqs for reqs’ sake alone. For instance, don’t care about the leaderboard climb? That makes trophies pretty much meaningless!

The important resources for guild development are gold and seals. I’ll go with seals first, since they’re simpler:

The two thresholds for getting benefits from seals are at 20,000 and 40,000. Assuming your guild has 25 active players, reqs of 800 seals per week should hit 20,000 easily, especially since more dedicated players will try to hit 1500 for the extra guild keys for themselves. It’s pretty tough to hit 40,000 without 1500 minimums, but one compromise for that is to have a dedicated week with the seals req being 1500, either once a month or once every 2 months; that way people who really want level 6 chests can save their seals and keys for that week. Then again, people who care about that level of optimization are probably already in a hardcore guild :upside_down:

Gold! Gold is used for statues and bonuses. 500k reqs is enough to get max level statues and full bonuses each week. 250k will give you a strong chance of getting 2 or 3 of the six bonuses, particularly if your guild is smart about donating. 100k should get you a statue maxed with smart donating. No matter what, you’ll get a decent amount of resources still since all tasks at low levels are so cheap.

The final aspect is enforcement: You can let mooches hang on for a week or two or you can deal with them immediately. Having screenshots on the ends of weeks can help you see who hasn’t made reqs over a period of time. Some members will prefer a forgiving guild leader, others will see it as a drain and move on. The choice is yours!


I doubt that the max seal income a week(at 1500) can have the definition of being hardcore.

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I agree 100%, but you live in a different world than the original poster. He’s asking about mid-range guilds, where you can’t expect to hit 40k seals or finish all the guild tasks.

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Well, if you want to feel like “everyone’s pulling their weight”, you’ll definitely need some kind of requirements - but if you want your guild to be chilled out, then you don’t have to require much.

  • If you’re not worried about pushing up the PVP Leaderboard, then there’s no need to require Trophies at all, so throwing that out the window simplifies things.
  • Requiring money helps get tasks completed, which gets rewards and eventually stat buffs for everyone, which helps everyone get better, so that’s a good thing! You could require something like, say, 100k donated per week, which is really easy to get with even a small amount of PVP. If triple digits would intimidate your guildmates, then you can just as easily say 50k, whatever - the specific value doesn’t matter so much, I don’t think, since anywhere from 10k to 100k is still pretty “casual / relaxed”. And of course, you can always choose to waive the gold requirements for anyone who’s still leveling up their kingdoms.
  • Requiring seals is broadly fair to everyone since you get seals by doing anything, at any level, and there’s no cost for them. For a full 30-person guild, even requiring as few as 350 seals/week still means that you’ll get the 10k guild chest unlocked each week.
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After reading everything so far, I realized that maybe what I need to start with… is what I personally do each week. If I’m not willing to do it, I’m not going to force anyone else to! lol

right now we hit 20k seals without enforcement of any kind… but who knows if that will continue!

A question: Has anyone found that an open/non-invite guild can find good recruits? I’ve found a few awesome peeps but I’ve also had a couple of re-joins when booted for inactivity after 7 days.

Should I be considering using the forums to recruit?

also… imma female :blush:


Yeah, I recommend you that. It has been the best way for us to recruit and we are a top 6 guild.

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We cept the option to invite only for lonf and still are. With recruit you chose who joins. But keeping it open isnt that bad either.


I would definitely go for forum invites instead of open enrollment. If you recruit on the forum, it gives you a chance to talk to the recruit about your guild environment and the requirements. Plus, you know where to reach them if you need to talk to them. Guild chat isn’t all that reliable for important messages.


Leading by example is always a solid idea.

If you’re already hitting 20k seals, people will be less likely to be upset at having reasonable 800 seal reqs.

Adding a level requirement or closing off the guild can help get rid of those rejoiners. But recruitment can be a hassle unless your guild has some very social people. Or you can keep a blacklist and boot-on-sight the mooches :relieved:

Forums are cool, just effort.

I’m male. Yo.


I don’t know - it’s just so random. It’s definitely good when you are trying to just build up to 25 or 30 members, but once you’re there and just need to replace anyone that drops out or that you need to kick, then I think focused recruiting and a closed (invite-only) guild is better.

Recruiting on the forums is good - just make sure that you put a good description of what you are looking for in the original post and stay on top of any requests that come in. I’ve heard of people having good success in global chat, as well.

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We had this one thread not too long ago that had a lot of feedback about what goes on in active middle to high level guilds that I think could be worth a peek to see how people in general think and feel.


Thanks for dropping my thread in there and yes you grow as you play, we started off casual and see who in the guild likes the game and who doesn’t. take a group vote,The biggest key is communication because you want everybody happy or else that just takes the fun out of the game. Just keep setting goals as you go for us first it was getting 20,000 and then it was getting 40,000 and then it was getting all tasks done, as a good players get better they will end up wanting more from the game but if you do you rank up it gets easier to recruit people because they want to be in a active, fun, and friendly guild. Took about two months and once we were in top 100. That is when we knew what we wanted and we were we were going . I just recently bumped up our requirements again if you go look on my page one of the threads is a requirement page. But still I’m even lenient as to where we get weekly so if a person only gets 100trophies it’s not like I’m going to be super stressed. As long as everyone plays and have a good time that is fine by me two solid weeks with no quitters or kicks, it’s been good, by the way are you on pc or console?


pc n mobile :slight_smile: thanks for the link to the other thread - going to check it out now. I really appreciate all of the feedback. TBH I wasn’t sure what type of response I would get and I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

My guild right now is pretty quiet… I’m hoping at least a couple speak up as I’ve just posed a couple of questions to them about all of this!


I’m on PS4 so we use a group message but I’m sure there’s ways you could set up group messages for PC that helps out a lot not only with communicating but it’s fun to share team pics and what not.