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Active lvl 320+ player

Hi, I’m currently in a guild ranked in the top 20. My issue is that with the new guild update, I want to be in a more active guild. Our guild requires only 50k a week and I’m contributing more than 500k, so I’m looking for someplace that has higher minimum requirements so I can reap the benefits of having at least 20 others contributing as much as I am.

I’m not someone who will be appearing in the top 100 most likely, but I will consistently do between 10-30 battles a day and am VIP level 10 so I gain a lot of gold that I can dump directly into the guild as my kingdoms are all level 10.

I’m playing as Ssaszix on mobile/PC, and I’m not out of a guild yet because I’m not leaving my spot until I know I can get in another guild. Leave me a message here first to let me know about your guild and the requirements.


We want you. Guild name is Audles, we are currently rank 42.

Tons of activity in our group with a super friendly and mature vibe.

Let me know if you are interested. We are full but I can make room for one active player

Are there minimum weekly requirements? If so what are they? About how many key/gems do you get each week?

We have a sliding weekly requirement based on level. Figure about $50K per week.

As far as gems and keys, a lot. I have never counted. I do know that I put a brand new sub account in the number 30 spot and it got dragon armor in a few days from the number of gems the guild generated. Hundreds of keys of course.

Edit: Just did a quick rundown on the guilds total gold contributions. We have 81 million total gold donated. Not too bad!

Edit #2: I mentioned the $50K per week requirement. This is exceeded greatly by 90% of our members and really is a trivial requirement at this point.

I have earned 1250 glory keys and 1100 gems this week. The bulk of these are from the guild tasks. The best way to see if you will enjoy being in Audles is to join up and try us.

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@Ssazix audles is very active. requirements are low but you will find them exceeded many times over with some members hitting 1 and 2 million gold donations weekly sometimes and lots more in the 500k range. guild is not an old guild we are newer and rising up in ranks. 500k donation weekly you will fit somewhere in the middle of things, will not be only one reaching that mark for sure

Hey everyone, thanks for the invites, but I ended up joining Tacet’s new “Dragon’s Peak” guild. I appreciate your generosity and hospitality.

no worries - take care, and have fun