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Active PC guild looking for active members - AUDLES - Rank 35! - CLOSED THREAD


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4 spots left…

I’m down. Just left my guild of friends cuz they didnt play enough. Paulitix_1

I just sent an invite, let me know you got it or I guess I’ll see you in the guild. You’ll love it, hurry we are about to complete all 3 tasks at once, you’ll get some quick loot

FYI we just hit Champion rank so 100% daily bonuses!

3 spots left

Hi, I’m looking for a guild and would like to join. Randi_7

Sent and invite. I booted somebody to make space for you! We are at 30 when you join

Bump, 2 spots just opened (had to kick 2 members for inactivity)

100% daily bonuses
multiple daily task clears
friendly members
12+ mastery and climbing on all colors

Reply or PM for invite

Bump. Spots open. Edited original post. Reply or PM if interested.

I just left my prior guild, and am interested in joining you if you’re as active as you say you are.

I’m level ~53, placed in first rank pvp last tournament, and donated 55k in gold. I’m still learning the game having only joined late last week.


Invite sent, see you soon!

Hi there Lola. If you’ve still got a spot, I’d love to join you. It sounds like you guys are pretty active. Let me know!
invite: TULVAN

Hey Tulvan,

Invite sent!

Bump it.

2 spots opened up, 27 active members ( I leave one spot open usually )

If either of those slots are still open I’d love to contribute.

I’ve been playing a few weeks now and have enjoyed staying active. Sadly, the majority of the random guild I joined did not.

I’d be happy to share my time and gold if you’ll have me.

invite: Exile_1

I’m looking to switch from my random guild (seems to have stagnated a bit; tasks complete very slow and doesn’t seem many log in to contribute). I’m level 93 and rising, usually contribute 5-10k gold a week, and get average 40-50 trophies without trying much. I’d like to get in on a more active guild if possible. I play daily both PvP and farming stones :slightly_smiling:

invite code is Weaksauce_3

Hi Nensor/Weaksauce,

I’ll send you an invite code buy you’ll need to leave your current guild first. Your gold and trophies are perfect for our guild!

Let me know when you have left and I’ll shoot the invite over.


I’ve done so, thanks! Was wondering if I’d have to do that first :slight_smile:

OK great. Invite sent, see you there!

Just in case I didn’t provide enough information in my earlier post I thought I’d follow-up.

I’m currently level 50 with all of the kingdoms unlocked. Since I started playing about a month ago I’ve tended to go for Rank 1 on the first day of the week, get the glory chest, then spend the rest of my time grinding out souls and gold.

Last week I put over 32k into our guild tasks but unfortunately more than half of the other members contributed nothing.
I’d much rather play with a group like yours.

I have my Dragon Armor and really enjoy playing so if you still have room I’d love to join.

invite: Exile_1