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Looking for active, 40k weekly seals Guild


I’ve been playing for a while :slight_smile:

Currently can contribute with around 300k gold in the next week (more after, got a few kingdowms still not at 10), plus the 1,5k seals weekly and 300 trophies, possibly more.

If anyone would like to talk/invite me, code is LALALA_5

Or leave your nickname so I can PM.


I seek players for our guild… one speaks French, that would pose problems to you?

You mean the guild mostly comunicates in French?
Or just 1?
No problems if its just 1 person =], but if all guild talks mostly in French would be very dfifficult :smiley:

All… :slight_smile:

Damn me and my lack of linguistics!

Thanks for the opportunity though :wink:

Good luck :wink:

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You can join our guild if you’re interested :slight_smile:

we will be happy ig you would like to join

I’m interested turin, trying to figure out how do I PM someone LOL

Click on someone avatar and “Message”.

You can leave your current guild, you can join right now ;-).